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About me...

I am a Research Associate at the School of Computer Science & Informatics, Cardiff University, UK. I am a member of the Informatics Research Group. Currently, I am working on SCADA Cyber Security Lifecycle (SCADA-CSL) research project funded by the Airbus Group Endeavr Wales.

My research interests are

  • Formalisation of the Information Assurance & Security domain knowledge;
  • Conceptual and Reference Modelling
  • Information Assurance & Security conceptual and reference models;
  • Information Security Management;
  • Modelling of Secure Business Processes;
  • Inter-Organisational Business Processes;
  • Secure Information Sharing;
  • Risk Assessment Methodologies;
  • SCADA and ICS Cyber Security;

Teaching Duties

I am not teaching at the moment, but I have been enjoying teaching in 2010-2014, when I taught the following modules:

  • CMT602 - SQL


  • CMO1102 - Web Applications


  • CMO240 - System Design (Group Project)


  • CMO206 - Software Engineering


  • CMO383 - Management Decision Making


  • CMO381 - Information Assurance