the meeting of minds, artificial or otherwise.


I am Roger Whitaker, Professor of Collective Intelligence at Cardiff University. My interests concern Informatics, the study of the structure, behaviour and interactions involving natural and engineered computational systems. 

Through interaction, influence, reasoning and learning, groups of individuals often act together in a seemingly intelligent manner. These may be human or machine agents, and such collective intelligence may present itself in diverse forms, from cooperation, to group coordination, to opinion formation or organisational behaviour.

Increasingly human cognition and artificial intelligence are intertwined. Internet-based technologies such as social media, combined with smartphones, now provide powerful new ways in which collective human behaviour can emerge or be disrupted. Equally, interactions between intelligent machine-based agents, such as autonomous vehicles and robotics are on the horizon, and these will also interact with humans.

We explore how collective intelligence emerges using a range of methodologies, including in-the-wild studies, app trials and social simulation using supercomputing. This modelling involves significant collaboration, from engineering to journalism, sociology and social psychology..


Acknowledgement: image courtesy of Uditha Wickramanayaka under CC.