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Pages supplied by users

These pages are supplied by users in the School of Computer Science & Informatics.

The information in these pages is presented at the discretion of the user concerned. Some pages are experimental, some are recreational.

Students doing Internet courses may also have Project pages visible within the School only.

Staff Home Pages

Alia I Abdelmoty

Malcolm Brown

Peter Burnap

Martin Caminada

Federico Cerutti

Yulia V Cherdantseva

Martin J Chorley

Ian M Cooper

Padraig Corcoran

Rob Davies

Thomas J Edwards

Robert Evans

Alex R Hardisty

Shoaib Jameel

Matthew P John

Andrew Jones

Chris B Jones

Ondrej Kuzelka

Yukhon Lai

Grigorios Loukides

Dave Marshall

Ralph Martin

Christine L Mumford

David Pickup

Alun D Preece

Omer F Rana

P L Rosin

Steven Schockaert

Kirill Sidorov

Irena Spasic

Xianfang Sun

Ian J Taylor

Catherine Teehan

George Theodorakopoulos

Liam Turner

David W Walker

Roger M Whitaker

Jing Wu


Research Students' Home Pages

Thomas J Edwards

Mark A Greenwood

Matthew P John

Aleksandra Nacheva

Christos Parizas

Joseph M Redfern

Catherine Teehan

Liam Turner

Lowri Williams

Tianyi Zhang


Year 1 Undergraduate Students' Home Pages

Alex Banfield

Luke Barker

Rhys Beckett

Patricia Booth

George Burke

Michael Butler

Ryan Codrai

Demetris Constantinou

Oliver Copleston

Jack Corscadden

Matteo De Rosa

Joshua Denton

Baridi Dumpe

Adam Eastman

Marios Eleftheriou

David Emery

Luke Eynon

Alessandro Formisano

Sebastian Golos

Evilija Grabauskaite

James Grant

Nathan Greenslade

Daniel Harborne

Daniel Hendry

Liam Hiley

Scott Hulbert

Anelia Kurteva

Jack Marshall

Joseph Meredith

Jake Morgan

Ryan Morris

Louis Ndoki

Jordan Paskin

Ivonna Prince

Taylor Rees

Elliott Reynolds

Dafydd Richards

Dominic Routley

Jin See

Jan Slawinski

Kieren Spear

Alexander Stanton

Thomas Tallis

Harrison Taylor

Bernice Thomas

Joseph Ventre

Sophie Vingoe

Harry Whittaker

Matthew Widnell

Aaron Williams

Benjamin Wilson

Matthew Wood

Amy Yeo

Zak-Sum Yeung

Ahmad Yusof


Year 2 Undergraduate Students' Home Pages

Adedamola Agbonyin

Hassan Aslam

Jacob Berg

Joseph Bignell

Jordan Cooke

Aimi Daros

Panagiotis Delphinis

Cameron B Fish

Lauren Gomer

Viktoria Idakieva

Matthew James

Mark Jones

Jamie Knowles

Karol Krajcir

Aengus Matthews

John Olegario

Henry Riches

Dheeraj Thankachan

Edward Trist

Nikolay Tsonev

Christopher Wheatland

Michael Whitfield

Jamie Williamson


Year 2 in Industry Undergraduate Students' Home Pages

Stuart Clark

Samuil Dichev

Louise Evans

Robert Harris

Andrei Hodorog

Iain R Johnston

Samuel Martin

Sam Ruff

Thomas H Townsend

Corey L Watson


Year 3 and 4 Undergraduate Students' Home Pages

Nathan Ahmad

James Carter

Oliver Curtis

Daniel J Davies

Kelsey L Dowling

Sebastian Gaetani

Athanasios Gkavalis

Craig D Harris

Benjamin J Hughes

Megan Jevin

Robert Kellow

Chitra Limbu

Iain Majer

Joel Murphy

Jack Parsons

Samuel Reilly

Jack B Rimell

Shanay Shah

Aled J Smith

David Stewart

Huw W Thomas

Xinying Wang


MSc Students' Home Pages

Warda Al Habsi

Habimana Clement Robert

Romeo Ebassa

Adalberto Garcia Mendez

Nikita Kadam

Nicolas Mezeret

Farhan Noor

Jiacong Wang

Haolin Zhan

Aigerim Zuyeva


Other Users' Home Pages

Recognition Project

E G User


Any user in the School of Computer Science who has tried to publish their site but whose name is missing above should contact School computing support.

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Who and How

Staff and students in the School of Computer Science & Informatics may install pages on the users web site.

Pages here are visible on the Internet. There are rules and regulations which cover the content of this site. Read the Introductory Note

that lists these and tells you how to upload pages to the site.

Uploading Files

Files may be uploaded, copied, removed etc using an SFTP-enabled client application. Connect the application to and navigate to sub-directory "users". See the Introductor Note above for details.

Another option is to administer your site with the web-based
siteadm users website administration application. This is also described in a Note that you can access from the siteadm login page.


All users are allocated space on the Web server but it at the user's discretion to publish the pages.

When you publish your site, your name will appear on this page. If you do not want that, you must not use the users web site. Look at the
project server as an alternative.

Click to make your pages available through this Web site and list your name on this index page.

Click to remove your name from this page and disconnect your pages from the World Wide Web.