George James Whalley
| Cardiff University || Computer Science And Forensic Security Student || Maths Tutor |

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I am a keen hard working sportsman, partaking in sports such as rugby, rowing and football all at a respectful level of quality and professionalism (rugby for county for example). I feel this allows me to bring some qualities such as teamwork, commitment and self-empowerment to a job role. Along with this studying business at A-level and previous workplace experience, has taught me some of the smaller things a business must provide, such as good customer service and completing tasks on time, which I believe makes me a useful employee. For example one problem I was faced while working at the café (mentioned earlier, The Garden Barn) was that we ran out of milk, and the boss was away, I took it upon myself to instead of moaning, like other employees, about having no milk to drive to the nearest supermarket and buy some milk, allowing the café to continue functioning.

I also strive not to require being told how to do something more than once, and that I learn how to perform new tasks and roles very quickly. During my time in Cleartherm I also had an administrative/office role, which showed me the organisation and attention to detail required in a business environment. In summary I believe myself to be an adaptable employee with leadership qualities and I believe I can use these qualities to be an effective and efficient employee.

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