Peer Abdul Waheed Claims to Bring Life Back to 20 devotees he has killed. He said "I can make them come back from the dead if you set me free," Sargodha shrine murderer shocks everyone in court.
Peer Abdul Waheed A custodian of the shrine in Sargodha, who killed 20 devotees after intoxicating them, has claimed that if his handcuffs were removed, he could bring back the deceased from the dead just by kicking them.
Police had arrested 3 suspects including Abdul Waheed, the custodian of shrine of Mohammad Ali (late), who had confessed to murdering 20 people.
Son of Pir Muhammad Ali (late) named Muhammad Asif reached Nankana Sahib on Wednesday along with the custodian Abdul Waheed, who began to suspect Muhammad Asif for killing him. Later, he searched him and recovered two packs of insecticide from his pocket.
Pir Abdul Waheed and his followers lured Muhammad Asif to the shrine in order to kill him, as Abdul Waheed was afraid of him, but 2 men and a woman were present at Darbar. The custodian Pir Abdul Waheed and his accomplices killed Muhammad Asif with sharp weapons and killed 2 men and a woman who were present at shrine, and later stripped them of their clothing, and put their bodies in a room.
On Saturday, the suspect gave intoxicants to more devotees and brutally killed 16 persons.
As per initial investigation by police, The incident occurred due to the "outcome of jealousy and dispute over custodianship" of the shrine.