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Vision meets Graphics

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13:15-13:20 Opening

13:20-14:10 Invited Talk

Autonomous Facial Animation using Models of Embodied Cognition
Mark Sagar (University of Auckland)

14:10-15:00 Session 1

A Two Plane Volumetric Display for Simultaneous Independent Images at Multiple Depths
Marco Visentini-Scarzanella (Kagoshima University), Takuto Hirukawa (Kagoshima University), Hiroshi Kawasaki (Kagoshima University), Ryo Furukawa, (Hiroshima City University), Shinsaku Hiura (Hiroshima City University)

Analysis on Coupled Line Cameras using Projective Geometry
Jinwoo Lee (Kookmin University), Joo-Haeng Lee (ETRI and Korea University), Junho Kim (Kookmin University)

15:00-15:45 Afternoon Tea

15:45-16:35 Session 2

Aesthetic Interactive Hue Manipulation for Natural Scene Images
Jinze Yu (University of Tokyo), Martin Constable (Nanyang Technological University), Junyan Wang (University of California, Los Angeles), Kap Luk Chan (Nanyang Technological University), Michael S. Brown (National University of Singapore)

Real-Time Image Based Lighting for 360-degree Panoramic Video
Thomas Iorns (Victoria University of Wellington), Taehyun Rhee (Victoria University of Wellington)

16:35-17:25 Invited Talk

Detail Preservation and Enhancement in Image Stylization
David Mould (Carleton University)

17:25-17:30 Closing