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Subject(GCSE) Grade
English B
English Literature B
Maths C
Science C
Additional Science B
Geography D
Sports Science E
Subject(A Level) Grade
Welsh Bac A

Although I have not had any work experience in the computer industry yet I have had work experience in other industries that have helped my skills develop.

During my GCSE's I went on work experience with a local plumbing and heating engineers company. The main skill I learned through the trade industry was communication, practical skills, following plans, solving problems and I learned plenty about health and safety.

I later on went and got myself a job at a milkshake bar called Shakes on it. I learned many new skills such as what it's like to have an interview, communication skills with customers, independancy, till work, work ethic and numeracy with money. Working in the shop helped my confidence and has tought me a bit about work as this was my first ever job.

In sixth form I had the opportunity to gain more work experience. At this point I was intrigued by Architecture therefor went to work for B3 Architects for a week, 9-5. In my weeks work I was set a task to design my own house for a client from a brief. By working as an architect for a week I learned many skills such as communication, hard work, managing time, maths such as geometry and computer skills. After my weeks work I decided this was not for me as I'd liked the computer aspect of architecture more. I decided to forget architecture and look into the computing industry.


Throughout the years I've noticed my strengths, one of my strengths is communication. I can talk to customers or cliets with ease and undestand what needs to be done. I'm puntual, meaning I will be on time to work etc. I can be very flexible with work. I'm strong in practical work because of my experience and studying design and technology for four years. I will listen to instructions and try my utmost best to complete the task in hand.