Programming Examples

The following are a selection of my completed programming works.


I enjoy experimenting in my spare time and have recently created a game in Java, producing both the code and graphics. I used sprite animations and implemented click and drag mouse interactions to create this puzzle game. You can view the code for this game on my GitHub.

When learning the fundamentals of computing with Java I created a basic text shortener program which would compare inputted strings with a custom text file of abbreviations. The program generates a shortened string by substituting words with abbreviations while retaining special characters and punctuation. I then used these input and output strings to do some calculations for word count and character reduction percentage.


Our Developing Quality Software module task was a group piece of work with interconnecting modules using Python language and the TkInter module. I implemented the code for the logical reasoning aptitude test, which stored a user's test score in an external file, displayed this score and enabled the questionnaire function upon completion.


During our Web Applications module we were assigned the task of creating an online shop. My final submission used a MySQL database of items which could be edited without altering source code. The website uses session cookies to enable a working login system and persistent shopping cart functionality.


One of our assignments for our Architecture and Operating Systems module was a temperature converter for Fahrenheit/Centigrade conversions. The user can choose which unit to convert from and input an initial value which will generate a converted response.