Karol Krajcir


Studies and education from my point of view

Education is undoubtedly an inevitable part of our lives. It is an enriching and enlightening process which shapes and forms us in many ways. It might give us knowledge and confidence, it might help us build our character and personality, develop our skills and improve our talents and abilities. It may also help and encourage us to distinguish between moral and immoral, legal and illegal, relevant and irrelevant. And, last but not least, it prepares us to future, so that we can implement our gained knowledge and either serve the society or do other meaningful things and lead a prosperous, fulfilling life. Moreover, if chosen wisely, education might be a gateway to one’s dream job or career.

I think in today’s world, it is almost impossible to prosper and become successful without education. Education is what gives you a solid ground for your future. Education is what usually earns you a respect from others. And eventually, education in combination with your abilities and dedication is also what most likely earns you money. Though there are globally raising tuition fees and falling wages nowadays, college graduates still earn much more money over lifetime than someone with a high school diploma only (Leonhardt 2014).

However, one might argue that you can lead a fulfilling life and be successful even without education. Of course, this is apparently true - a top football player might not even have a degree. Anyway, he earns much more than a normal mortal can ever imagine. In addition, this player makes a living with what he loves and what he has always dreamt about. Without education. But honestly, how many people like this are there in the world? On the other hand, uneducated and illiterate people are very likely to be superstitious and often decide and act in accordance with these beliefs, which have a very little to do with logic, rationality and common sense. Countries with highest literacy rate belong to the most successful and economically developed countries in the world.

What do I expect from my studies?

As everyone else, I really want to succeed with my studies. I will consider myself successful with my studies if I develop skills which will help me find a good job, if I learn a lot about a subject that really interests me, if I learn to manage myself as an effective adult, if I develop a range of skills and qualities that improve my life, if I make good friends and, finally, if all of these skills along with a university degree will allow me to make a living doing what I love.