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About Us

ArTee Memes was born out of the great potential for classical art to inspire for great memes.

We then print these memes on to high quality t-shirts with techniques so refined you would think we have been at it since the 1800s.

So if you want a t-shirt that shows you think about what it would be like if star wars was infact set in the russian revolution. You've come to the right place.

The following paragraphs are for marking purposes only and should not be considered part of the website.

All code and files used are of my own creation bar the following items:

md5.js (part of the crypto.js library) - used for salting and hashing passwords

The regular expression pattern for the RFC 5322 Official Standard email formating. (found at emailregex.com)

Though not code, Font Awesome has been used for many of the symbols on the website.

Finally, Google Fonts have also been used for many of the fonts on the website.