COMP 1813 B1 Fall 2006

Computers in General Applications I



                      Classes:     11:30-12:30 Mon-Wed-Fri

                 Classroom:     BAC 141

                  Instructor:     Andrei Gagarin

                         Office:     CAR 411 (Carnegie Science Hall)


             Office Hours:     16:00-17:00 Tue, 17:00-18:00 Fri



Course Objective:


            This course is an introduction to computer concepts and hands-on experience with word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation and browser applications.   


Course Webpage:


            The course homepage will be located on ACME:


Main Subjects:


ü      MS Windows

ü      MS Word

ü      MS Excel

ü      MS PowerPoint

ü      MS Access

ü      MS Internet Explorer and Outlook


Course Textbook (recommended):


R.T. Grauer and M. Barber, EXPLORING MICROSOFT® OFFICE XP — VOLUME I - ENHANCED EDITION, Prentice Hall, 2003 (available at the bookstore).

Textbook web site:



Course Evaluation:


            Three Assignments                                40%

            Tests                                                    30%

            Exam                                                    30%





            If you can't make the scheduled time for a test, you must contact me before the tests to let me know.  If you cannot reach me in person, send an e-mail message.





            Assignments must be uploaded to ACME before the end of the day they are due.  Late assignments will not be marked.



Academic Integrity


            Please, read the relevant section of the undergraduate calendar on Academic Integrity. It will be strictly enforced. In particular:


·        If you copy a solution to an assignment question, you are guilty of an academic offense. This includes solutions from classmates, the Internet, or textbooks.

·        If you use any unauthorized resources during the tests or the final exam, you are guilty of an academic offense.

·        If you knowingly help a classmate to cheat, you are guilty of an academic offense.


The penalties for cheating are:


·        For the first offense: you will receive -100% for the assignment/exam.

·        For the second offense: you will receive a mark of 0% for the course.