John McLaughlin Trio Que Alegria  

Recorded in 1991, Que Alegria featured the trio with a new bass player, Dominique DiPiazza. And what a bassist he is! Facile and energetic, yet subtle and melodic. His two-minute solo "Marie" is beautifully inspiring and one of the highlights of this album. McLaughlin revisits his classic "Belo Horizonte" and conjures up some more evocative memories with a new acoustic rendition of "Reincarnation". Que Alegria features some of the strongest music McLaughlin has put out and its melodies are quite infectious. This is especially true of the overlong title cut. (McLaughlin will never get much radio-play with a ten-minute cut. At least not in the U.S.).

The dominant themes of Que Alegria can be found in its melodies. Whereas Live at the Royal Festival Hall was dominated by its rhythms, this album reverses the trend with strong coherent head arrangements and theme oriented explorations. My personal favorite is "Mila Repa" which is slow and cunning and somewhat somber. Its melodies are haunting.

To see this band live was a real treat and if you are lucky enough to be able to obtain some video of the group performing, you will realize the truth of it.

Walter Kolosky

Walter Kolosky is a jazz fan and founder of who lives in Braintree, MA, USA


1. Belo Horizonte - (6:35) (J.McLaughlin)
2. Baba (for Ramana Maharshi) - (6:51) (T.Gurtu)
3. Reincarnation - (11:52) (J.McLaughlin)
4. 1 Nite Stand - (5:26) (J.McLaughlin)
5. Marie (bass solo) - (1:59) (D.Di Piazza)
6. Hijacked - (8:35) (J.McLaughlin)
7. Mila Repa - (7:31) (J.McLaughlin)
8. Que Alegria - (10:32) (J.McLaughlin)
9. 3 Willows - (5:14) (J.McLaughlin)

John McLaughlin - acoustic guitar,

Photon MIDI Interface
Trilok Gurtu - percussion
Dominique Di Piazza - 4 & 5 string
bass guitar (all except 3.4.)
Kai Eckhardt-Karpeh - electric bass (3.4.)

Recorded in Ludwigsburg, November 29 thru December 3, 1991.

  Verve 837 280 (p) 1992