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Timetable for Lectures and Tutorials (PDF)

Lectures Week 1-11

Monday 1-2PM T 0.31
Thursday 9-10PM T 0.31
Friday 9-10PM T 0.31

Tutorial/Lab Weeks 2-11

Tuesdays 4 - 6PM C 2.10

Online Course Notes

BSc Multimedia (CM3106) Tutorial/Lab Class Notes, Exercises, example Code and Libraries

BSc Multimedia (CM3106) Assessed Coursework

Past Exam Papers for Multimedia (CM3106/CM340)

Mid-Module Feedback

Thanks for the great feedback!

Coursework Feedback

General Feedback on Coursework (PDF of Slides from Revision Lecture) see Grade Centre Student Feedback for Specific comments on your coursework submission

Prof. David Marshall