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  1. Construct CD representation of the following:
    1. John begged Mary for a pencil.
    2. Jim stirred his coffee with a spoon.
    3. Dave took the book off Jim.
    4. On my way home, I stopped to fill my car with petrol.
    5. I heard strange music in the woods.
    6. Drinking beer makes you drunk.
    7. John killed Mary by strangling her.
  2. Try capturing the differences between the following in CD:

    1. John slapped Dave, John punched Dave.
    2. Sue likes Prince, Sue adores Prince.
  3. Rewrite the script given in the lecture so that the Bank robbery goes wrong.
  4. Write a script to allow for both outcome of the Bank robbery: Getaway and going wrong and getting caught.
  5. Write a script for enrolling as a student.
  6. Find out about how MARGIE, SAM and PAM are implemented. In particular pay attention to their reasoning and inference mechanisms with the knowledge.
  7. Find out how the CYCL language represents knowledge.
  8. What are the two levels of representation in the constraints of CYC?
  9. Find out the relevance of Meta-Knowledge in CYC and how it controls the interpretations of knowledge.
  10. Find out what levels of concepts CYC has in its ontology.
    1. Where should the following concepts be placed in this ontology
      • dog
      • court case
      • South Wales Echo
      • Wales
      • Pint of Brains Dark
      • The Open Golf Championship.