Multi-threaded NewsWatcher


You can download MT-NewsWatcher 2.3.5 from these sites:

Documentation, in HTML format, is also available for downloading, and online viewing.

Jean-Pierre Kuypers maintains the French version, available (at some point) at

The MT-NewsWatcher distribution includes documentation of the new features of this version. Read the Version History file for more information about changes in the latest version. For the full NewsWatcher docs, go to the original NewsWatcher FTP site. The NewsWatcher source code is also available from this site.

MT-NewsWatcher is distributed as a fat binary, so will run well on both 68k and PPC machines.


For decoding binary files, you will need some helper applications:
  • UUndo, for decoding uuencoded files
  • YABase64, for decoding MIME Base46 files
  • The converters to and from YA-NewsWatcher format text files
These items are also available from the MacOrchard helpers page.

How much
does it cost?

In accordance with the distribution restrictions of derivatives of the NewsWatcher program, Multi-threaded NewsWatcher is free. It may not be sold for profit or included with other software, products, publications, or services which are sold for profit without the explicit permission of Simon Fraser. For permission to include it in software collections which are distributed on CD-ROM, for whatever purpose, please contact the author.


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