Multi-threaded NewsWatcher


For details of releases pre-2.3.3, see the old version history file.


Known problems

Last updated: 1 October 1997. Problems are those known about in the current version (2.3.5).

Fixed means that I have fixed these problems in my development version, and that the fixes will be available in the next public release.

Very rare crashes on quitting
Quitting while tasks are in progress can sometimes cause a crash, which only seems to happen if a task has just been spawned. Don't quit just as tasks are popping up in the tasks window...
Digest shortcut
This could work better (like scrolling a screenful of text if the next Subject: line is further away).

Future work

It should really be in there. Will come when I switch to the WASTE text engine.
Mailto: handler
Add an option to handle email in a different app (a new URL handler for mailto: URLs).
MANSKA compliance
Work on issues raised in MANSKA review
FAQ retrieval
Auto get-the-faq option (for Drew).
Return address verification
Attempt to verify that return address entered by user is valid. Prevent article cancelling if it cannot be verified.
Pre-fetching the next article in a thread
Should be able to just stick it in the cache.
Editable filter priorities
Provide an editor window (in preferences?) for filter priorities and their scores. The brave can edit the 'fScr' resource now.
Better language support
Support, via the Text Encoding Converter, for other character sets.
Better MIME handling
Parse, and selectively display readable parts of MIME-encoded messages. Strip out HTML tags, or feed HTML to the browser.
Inline image viewing
Is alread there in a development version, though in a rather preliminary form.


2.3.5 This is a final-release build, released to the public.
  • Added help window to show Speech Recognition strings
  • Implemented speech-driven 'Save' command for various windows.
  • Improved the testing for required System-level features.
2.3.4 This is a final-release build, released to testers to verify the below fixes.
  • Tasks can be cancelled with a Command-. now. The wee clover in the tasks window indicates which task will be cancelled, and it can be advanced through the tasks with command-tab or control-tab.
  • When marking cross-posts read, articles in other groups are only marked as read, and not unread by this process. (Otherwise, marking a big group unread would cause you to see again lots of cross-posted articles in other groups.)
  • Disabled main keyboard shortcuts in full groups window, to avoid conflict with type-ahead group selection.
  • Changed the default text match of new filters to 'is' instead of 'contains' (although you won't see it unless you trash your prefs file).
  • When auto fetching a group list from a remote host, and auto opening local group lists, the latter are opened now as they should be.
  • Can now quit while connecting to the news server.
  • Improved tasks feedback when searching.
  • Added balloon help for the X-Face, tweaked balloon help in article windows.
  • Updated Mercutio MDEF 1.3.4, which should solve the problems with MacOS 8 and Kaleidoscope.
  • Fixed a difficult bug that cause problems on quitting, or freezes in NetIdle sometimes. It happened when the news server disconnected, causing a cycle in the linked lists of streams.
  • X-Faces no longer linger when resuing article windows.
  • Fixed broken command-clicking to open articles by reference.
  • Fixed a number of problems with upates and hilights in the filteres list.
  • Fixed a couple of problems in the filters dialog.
  • Fixed a problem saving articles to a file, if you collapse or expand the thread while the save is in progress.
  • The System 7.5/8 WDEF is used for floating windows now, as it should be.
  • Fixed display on mono screens.
  • Fixed status report when getting/putting group list to remote host (it was only showing the task while the connecting to the FTP server).
  • Fixed a bug that could trash the heap when showing the dialog that reports that groups have been deleted from the server.
  • Changed the min width of article windows with X-Faces, so that text does not overlap when shrunk to the min width.
  • Fixed a cosmetic problem with the background colors of checkboxes in message windows.
2.3.3fc2 This version was released to just one person to test the below fix.
  • Fixed a bug that caused MT-NW to barf on some replies to LIST OVERVIEW.FMT requests.
2.3.3fc1 This is a final-release build.
  • Tweaked type-ahead in full groups list.
  • Worked around a problem with OneClick that caused -192 errors.
  • Errors on opening a new connection to host properly record the host name now.
  • Expanded the 'ThrD' resource to include SMTP, NNTP and FTP ports (for sites that need to modify these), and a delay between successive opening connects to the server, useful for DNEWS servers that don't like several connections to be opened in quick succession. A 'ThrD' resource in a Preferences file will override the settings obtained from the application (except for the thread pool size and thread scheduler settings). If the 'ThrD' resource is removed from the application, internal defaults will be used.
  • Fixed some potential problems if a thread is spawned for a window which is just closing.
  • Changed the Helpers URL in the About box to point to MacOrchard.
  • Fixed a crash on marking articles read in windows opened from the full groups list.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause crashes if using keyboard shortcuts, and hitting 'M' while a group was opening.
  • Support for X-Face headers, which display an X-Face to the left of the headers in an article window.
  • Format of extra news and mail headers is checked when editing these in the prefs now.
  • Improved nntp and news URL handling, in line with recommendations in "draft-gilman-news-url-00.txt", to enable URLs of the form "news://>site</>group<" and unify the treatment of 'nntp' and 'news' URLs (the former of which should be gracefully retired anyway). Those cases that MT-NW can't handle (e.g. opening another server) are handled better. Error reporting for URLs opened via GURL or within MT-NW is the same now.