Multi-threaded NewsWatcher


If you have never used any version of NewsWatcher before, then I strongly recommend that you download, read and digest the comprehensive documentation that John Norstad provides for the standard version of NewsWatcher. It comes in two formats: This will give you a good introduction to the Usenet system, and how you can use NewsWatcher to read and post news.

Many colleges and service providers provide some NewsWatcher documentation online. Here are a couple of links:

In addition, NewsWatcher has fairly extensive online help, under the menu, and uses balloon help for most things, both in dialogs and normal windows:

Your next port of call should be these documents, which explain filtering and MT-NewsWatcher's other unique features in great detail. If you are still confused, the folk on comp.sys.mac.comm will likely be glad to help.

Going further

Having familiarized yourself with the basic operations of NewsWatcher, you should now read these documents to learn about those features which are specific to MT-NewsWatcher:


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