Multi-threaded NewsWatcher



How to customize MT-NewsWatcher

Some MT-NewsWatcher settings that rarely need to be changed, or that are only of interest to system administrators, are stored in a 'ThrD' resource in the application, or in Preferences files.

To edit these settings, simply open MT-NewsWatcher with ResEdit, and open the 'ThrD' resource. A template is provided. The entries in this resource are described below.

You can also copy 'ThrD' resources into Preferences files, where they will override the settings in the application.

DNEWS server compatibility

DNEWS servers seem to dislike news clients attempting to make several connections in quick succession, and will refuse all but the first connection. To work around this, MT-NewsWatcher can insert a small delay between each open request. The first entry in the 'ThrD' resource specfies this delay, in 60ths of a second. Use a value of 60 or more if you use a DNEWS server and get errors when trying to open multiple groups at the same time.

Max connections

This setting used to control the maximum number of news server connections that would be opened. It has been superceded by the control in the "Server options" panel of the Preferences.

Num threads

This setting used specifies the size of the thread pool that MT-NewsWatcher creates on startup. Each concurrent action runs in a separate thread, so this effectively controls the maximum number of simultaneous tasks. The default is 20; you may want to reduce this to free up memory, since each task in the pool requires approx. 24K of memory.

Port numbers

The next three entries in the resource are used to specify the port numbers used for NNTP, SMTP and FTP. Unless you know what you are doing, you should not change these.

Custom scheduling

This setting specifies whether MT-NewsWatcher schedules threads using a custom scheduling algorithm, which should improve the response time and cooperation with network activity. You should not change this.


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