Alun Preece's Selected Talks


Agile Assignment of Sensing Assets to Mission Tasks in a Coalition Context
[seminar at IBM TJ Watson Labs, New York, June 2015]

Data-to-Decision and Decision-to-Data: Supporting Decision-Making in Coalition Operations
[invited lecture at Cassidian/EADS, Newport, July 2012]

Tasking and Sharing Sensing Assets Using Controlled Natural Language
[paper presentation at SPIE Defense+Security 2012, Baltimore, USA, April 2012]

Actionable Sensing
[seminar, School of Computer Science, Cardiff University, March 2011]

Matching Sensors to Missions using a Knowledge-Based Approach
[paper presentation at SPIE Defense+Security 2008, Orlando, USA, March 2008]

Towards Sensor Knowledge Processing and Delivery: When Sensors Meet Semantics
[seminar, School of Computer Science, Cardiff University, December 2007]

An Ontology-Based Approach to Assigning Sensors to Tasks
[talk at Geospatial Knowledge Infrastructures Workshop, Welsh e-Science Centre, Cardiff, November 2007]

Managing Intelligence Resources using Semantic Matchmaking and Argumentation
[invited talk at CIA-2007, Delft, The Netherlands, September 2007]

Basics of AI: The Semantic Web
[tutorial presentation at British Computer Society HQ, London, July 2007; revised version of a tutorial presentation at AI 2006, Cambridge, December 2006]

Sensors, Sources, and Semantics
[ITA project seminar, April 2007; revised version given at Dstl, Malvern, June 2007]

A Reusable Commitment Management Service using Semantic Web Technology
[paper presentation at AI 2006, Cambridge, December 2006]

Ontologies for e-Research
[talk given to the CAVES ontology workshop at the Macaulay Institute, Aberdeen, June 2005]

Managing Knowledge In Environmental e-Science
[invited talk at IUFRO-2005, Edinburgh, April 2005]

Untangling The Semantic Web
[tutorial presentation at AI 2004, Cambridge, December 2004]

Extending SWRL to Express Fully-Quantified Constraints
[paper presentation at ISWC 2004, Hiroshima, November 2004]

Getting Onto the Semantic Web
[workshop at Conference for Computing Teachers, September 2004]

The Semantic Web: a Short, Practical Introduction
[talk at Conference for Computing Teachers, September 2003]

OWL: the Web Ontology Language
[AKT group seminar, June 2003]

Intelligent Web Services for E-Business
[invited talk at Robert Gordon University, March 2003]

Constraint Logic Programming Applications on the Semantic Web
[seminar at University of Liverpool, February 2003]

Reusable Knowledge-Based Agent Services at Aberdeen
[talk at Agentcities Information Day 3, Barcelona, February 2003]

Knowledge Management and Intelligent Web Services
[part of tutorial at ES2002, Cambridge, December 2002]

Towards an Intelligent Web
[invited talk at Agentcities Information Day 2, Lisbon, October 2002]

Distributed Knowledge Technologies for Intelligent Web Services
[Departmental seminar, December 2001]

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