In my opinion, computer thinking means that people should have the thinking to operate computers, and computer languages have no thoughts of their own. The "thought" of computer language exists in the brain of the programmer, so how the programmer wants the computer program to run is completely realized through his own programming, which will separate the thought and method of computer language. Computer thinking needs to know that existing computers don't think like human brains. The computer programming language is a highly formal language, which is strictly separated from the object it wants to deal with. However, the objects to be processed by computer language are different data, so how to make the computer process the data systematically is the essence of the programmer's design of computer thinking.

For me, the future career direction is in finance and management. The study of computer thinking can help me learn how to handle financial information and organize company affairs conveniently and efficiently. To this end, I will learn some other computer programming languages, and at the same time, I will always review the related knowledge of html and css that I have learned. To this end, I plan not only to study what the teacher said in class seriously, but also to often discuss different problems with my classmates, review them with my friends in my spare time, and finally ask the teacher about complex problems that are difficult to solve by myself in class or consult the teacher by email after class.