What is Computational Thinking?

In my opinion, computational thinking is not a skill you can use to demonstrate to oneself mathematical computations, and it is certainly not a skill you can use to test calculations. Computational thinking is a set of activities that employ computer thinking to solve issues, build systems, and comprehend human behaviour, I discovered in 2006 through the ACM journal. I distilled him into three categories:  

1: Computational thinking is a type of thought process that exists in the world; it is unaffected by technology, including computers, the Internet, artificial intelligence, and other systems.

2. This type of thought is generated by people, not by computers. Through their own consciousness, individuals can operate computing equipment. So that we can accomplish things that cannot be accomplished by themselves and resolve issues that cannot now be resolved, we can be more effective and quicker!

3. Computational thinking is a technique of looking at the world that will exist in the future that teaches kids how to understand and manage it!

Why Computational Thinking is important?

The basis of computers is computational thinking, and you can only use computational thinking if you understand what it is. People can make rational decisions thanks to computational thinking. The ability to prioritise information gathering and to explore real-world solutions based on that information rather than theoretical ones is made possible by studying computational thinking. It enables individuals to reach useful conclusions. I'll be able to apply it in my future profession as a result.

Introduction to Computational Thinking