Short Reflection


In the process of in-depth learning of computational thinking, I gradually realized that it is not only a way to solve problems, but also a very good way of thinking. Through learning computational thinking, I will use a more logical and structured way to think when facing problems or tasks. Through this series of learning, I found that I have significantly improved in logical thinking and problem solving.

Decomposition is the most fundamental part of computational thinking, and it taught me how to simplify a complex problem by breaking down a large problem into many different small problems and solving these small problems step by step. This ability can not only be applied to the field of computer science, but also can be extended to the study of other courses. For example, in teamwork, we can assign different parts to different team members, and decomposition can make different people focus on solving different sub-parts.

Pattern recognition teaches me to look for rules in complex information, which is very important for improving learning efficiency. In the future study, I can draw conclusions faster by finding rules in data or articles, thus saving time and improving learning efficiency.

Abstract processing has taught me to find the key information from complex phenomena and ignore irrelevant details. This is not only very useful in programming, but in writing, I can focus more on the core of the problem, improve the accuracy of the article, and reduce the time spent on completion

The learning of algorithm design enables me to solve problems in a more logical and organized way. Whether it is programming or finishing homework, the thinking of algorithm design teaches me how to build a clear solution logic to ensure that I will not forget steps in the process of solving problems. In the face of a problem, it is necessary to clearly define the problem first, and then make a corresponding decision on the problem, verify the effectiveness of the decision and solve the problem. This approach requires us to think about problems in a clear and structured way, and by learning algorithm design, we can improve our ability to solve problems

Overall, computational thinking is not only an important thinking tool in the field of computer science, but it is also applicable in my study and personal development. It is very important for me to develop my ability to think logically and structurally, which is a very good thinking skill. I believe that as my understanding of computational thinking continues to deepen, it will play an increasingly important role in my academic career, helping me to achieve better results in all areas.