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Vision meets Graphics

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Recent years have seen the convergence of computer graphics and computer vision. Image processing and computer vision techniques provide computer graphics with the means to create richer models and renderings than is practically possible when using purely synthetic models. Conversely, computer graphics can inform computer vision. For example, physical based models can act as priors to computer vision algorithms. We believe graphics and vision can be mutually beneficial. Computer graphics/computer vision convergence has many possible applications, such as augmented environments, videoconferencing, post-production of films, computer games, interactive TV, education and training, video-based consumer electronics and scientific imaging.

This workshop will provide an opportunity for researchers working in in the convergence of computer graphics and computer vision to meet and discuss their ideas in a collegial and interactive format. We encourage participation from researchers with either quantitative (computer science, engineering, mathematical) or qualitative (artistic, art history, art theory) approaches.

Topics of interest include