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        Human have invented the computer, and computer is more and more intelligent, become the extension of the human brain, at the same time, the development of the computer, in turn, changed people's life and ways of thinking, people began to use similar to computer thinking mode of thinking.

What is Computational Thinking?

     Computational Thinking Refers To The Use Of Computer Science To Solve Problems, Design Systems And Analyze Human Behavior, which can be divided into four basic steps: decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction and algorithm. This process can help us simplify complex problems.

Why Computational Thinking is important

        In future learning, the practice of computational thinking can help us develop the ability to keep learning, try to solve complex problems from multiple angles, and even come up with new problems.

     Digitization is the general trend of social development, and programming has become the basic skills for employment. Various artificial intelligence products have been integrated into our lives and even replaced our jobs. in our future career, we are not only competing with people, but also with machines. How can we compete with the tireless machines? There is only one answer, and that is to beat the machine at thinking. Using computational thinking to identify the crux of the problem to help customers and suppliers solve tough problems is a good way to create great value at work.