Crispin's Miscellany

Personal homepages have gone out of fashion, and more up-to-date information on my work can be found in a multitude of other places.

I'm keeping a few resources here which have no home elsewhere.

You can try MatrixViewer, an old interaction data visualisation tool here.

This is a video I made of a waveguide string synthesizer "growing" on POEtic tissue (a biologically inspired FPGA capable of evolution, growth and learning). Every time a note is played, the hardware is reconfigured and a string of the appropriate length grows onto the chip's configurable logic. What you're seeing is (mostly the routing plane of) POEtic's hardware simultor, developed by Yann Thoma at EPFL. Each block of 2x2 routing units represents a cell, and all cells apart from the bottom left are identical. Each cell "decides" to connect to another, and does so until a chain of the requisite length is formed (along with backward connections - each cell downloads it's address to the next to allow this). During the video, the view is changed to show the underlying "molecules" (FPGA cells) for a couple of growth cycles - then switched back again.

Below are some interesting sounds made from simulating the acoustics of finite unbounded spaces. Finite but unbounded means like the maze pac-man inhabits: when he leaves one side of the screen, he re-emerges on the other side.