Introductry guide to Computitional Thinking

Computational Thinking is an important course in all computing programmes of study, where students have to learn about coding including HTML and CSS.
HTML coding is used to structure and display a web page.
On the other hand, CSS is the language for design and presentation of a webpage.
Computational Thinking course also include binary, decimal, octal and hexadecimal systems as part of the codes recognised by a computer.
It uses them to manipulate and store all data such as numbers ,words, pictures and videos.

Computing and IT management programme requires Computational Thinking course to enable the learners to set up and design a structured and concise webpage.
Furthermore , it is useful for individuals that aspired to be system designer, application programmer, system analyst and more.
System designer must have HTML and CSS skills. An application programmer also requires such skills for the purpose of creating and designing applications.