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Understanding of Computational Thinking


What is CT

Learning material gives a definition about Computational Thinking: “Computational Thinking involves solving problems, designing systems, and understanding human behavior, by drawing on the concepts fundamental to computer science”.in my comprehension, CT is a method or a thought to deal with problems, if we handle with a complicated task, we should separate the whole task into several unit tasks, it is decomposition. Then we should make some decisions or follow the rules by using specific function to deal with these unit tasks. We can summarize by solving one task and transfer the core ideas to another task so that the other task can be solved more effectively

Why important in current study?

Programming is different to person-to-person communicating, it needs to follow certain rules in programming learning, syntax and command order should be in the correct format, otherwise, it will lead to programming errors or even making the program cannot run, CT allows the operator to avoid errors in dialogue with the machine, there is no sense when talking to machine sentence by sentence, it has a complex structure, Each operator should follow the rules of CT includes decomposing, pattern recognizing and abstraction to arrange the code correctly when programming