Through this module, I have learned computing thinking. It allows me to use computational thinking while working on other things, making the process of tasks clearer and more organized. We can use computational thinking to solve problems in an orderly and efficient manner.

With the Internet and search engines, the accumulation of knowledge has become less and less important. However, the analysis and application of knowledge, the improvement of ability, and the exercise of thinking have become more and more important. Planning the sequence of execution, recognizing patterns, evaluating solutions, and ultimately solving problems is essentially arming ourselves with problem-solving skills that help us learn math, science, and other disciplines, and even solve everyday problems . Computational thinking can be used for life.

At the same time, through this module, I also learned basic html and css, and can design simple web pages by myself. Because HTML is a very simple language, learning HTML first can lay the foundation for learning other computer languages later. If html is likened to a person, then css is like clothes, providing decoration for it. In short, learning these two languages has opened the door for me to enter the computer field and gave me the opportunity to feel the charm of computer languages.


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