As a normal human being, I always make things more difficult to resolve. That is due to human emotion and uncertainty. Therefore, to be able to program properly, Computational thinking is important.

Computational thinking can be defined as 'Thinking like a computer', it basically means that dividing a complex problem into numbers of small and simple problems, and solve them piece by piece in order to get the final result.

Programming is the same, an application or a website consists of numbers of sections or functions, before building an application or a website, we need a graph that shows how many parts or functions will be needed, then we could develop and test them piece by piece, and assemble them together as a completed application.

After I got to know computational thinking, I realize that this mythology can be used in my job as well. As a former graphic designer, I always started a project without any planning, I usually drew illustrations in one go, so every time something goes wrong, the whole illustration is redrawn. For me it would be easier to separate the illustration into different parts and draw them one by one.

Therefore, I will put computational thinking in well use and try to think and solve problem like a computer, as a former graphic designer who will be working as a web designer in the future, computational thinking would help me solving problem more efficiently and more accurately.

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