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Vision meets Graphics

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Program (21st November, 2017)

9:00-9:05 Opening

9:05-9:50 Invited Talk

Stereo Vision for Artistic Photo Rendering
Reinhard Klette (Auckland University of Technology) and Dongwei Liu (Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics)


Crowd counting from a still image using Multi-scale Fully Convolutional Network with adaptive human-shaped kernel
Jinmeng Cao, Biao Yang, Yuyu Zhang, Ling Zou (Changzhou University)

Robust Blind Deconvolution Using Relative Total Variation as a Regularization Penalty
Yunzhi Lin and Wenze Shao (Southeast University, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications)

On road vehicle detection using an improved Faster RCNN framework with small-size region up-scaling strategy
Biao Yang, Yuyu Zhang, Guozeng Cui, Ling Zou (Changzhou University)

11.05-11.25 Morning tea

11.25-12:10 Invited Talk

MeshFlow for Application of Video Editing
Shuaicheng Liu (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)


Fast Haze Removal of UAV Images Based on Dark Channel Prior
Siyu Zhang, Congli Li, and Song Xue (Army Academy of Artillery and Defense)

Structure-Preserving Texture Smoothing via Adaptive Patches
Hui Wang, Yue Wang, Junjie Cao, Xiuping Liu (Shijiazhuang Tiedao University, Dalian University of Technology )

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14:00-14:45 Invited Talk

Weakly supervised image understanding with graphics and vision applications
Ming-Ming Cheng (Nankai University)


Watercolour Rendering of Portraits
Paul L. Rosin and Yu-Kun Lai (Cardiff University)

15.10-15.30 Afternoon tea


Blind Image Deblurring via Salient Structure Detection and Sparse Representation
Yu Cai, Jinshan Pan, and Zhixun Su (Dalian University of Technology)

Blur Estimation for Natural Edge Appearance in Computational Photography
Dongwei Liu and Reinhard Klette (Zhejiang University of Finance and Economic, Auckland University of Technology)