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South Wales


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Omer Rana
Department of Computer Science
University of Wales - Cardiff
P.O.Box 916,
Cardiff CF24 3XF.

Tel: 029 20 875542

Established: 1997
  • promoting the use, development and education of the Java programming language and tools
  • increase awareness of Java products being developed in the South Wales area, either commercially or at academic institutions
  • forge an alliance between users, developers and managers in charge of Java projects within the South Wales area
  • develop a strategy for disseminating and sharing information about new developments in Java and Java related products

Cater for all Java and related products:
  • Java Applications and Applets
  • JDBC
  • Java Beans
  • JavaVM
  • JavaOS
  • Jeeves and Jigsaw
  • WebVM and WebFLOW
  • Visual Age/Visual Java
  • Java Graphical and Network programming
  • J++
  • Mobile agents in java : Kafka Libraries and Voyager
  • High performance Java (for scientific computing)
  • Java-Native code integration
  • Java IDL (within OMGs CORBA spec)
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