My Learnings

Computational thinking is the concept of approaching a problem in a systematic manner and expressing as well as creating solutions that can be carried out by a computer. Many data centric and quantitative problems can be solved with the application of computational thinking. The understanding of the concepts of computational thinking will give the foundation to solve real world problems. Computer scientist apply computational thinking to build algorithms and convert into a program in specific language that computer can understand as well as help to solve the complex problem.

Computational thinking is a skill set to solve complex problems, a method for learning new topics in various disciplines. It is a necessary skill set for participating fully in a computational world. Key concepts of computational thinking are divided into two categories such as foundation as well as practices. Foundation deals about cognitive processes required for engaging in computing. Practices involve the combination of foundations and skills as well as knowledge for solving a problem

Even though, Computational thinking overlaps with computer science, it is different from computer science. Computational thinking is a perquisite skill to understand the future technologies.

The four components of computational thinking are decomposition, abstraction, pattern recognition as well as algorithms. Every problem initially looks like a complex one. By breaking the problem into small chunks that looks simple and easy to do. By completing all the smaller problems, the entire complex problem can be solved

Pattern recognition enables for making connection between similar experience or problem. By solving the smaller problem, it gives experience and confidence to solve another similar problem. Abstraction is the concept of focusing only on important information rather than unimportant information

Algorithm is the step by step to solve the problem. The application of computational thinking is realised in various fields such as scientists think computational for organ transplantation problem and save many lives, designing new drugs that less like create allergies, internet users think computationally and derive new privacy technologies for surfing the web safely.