I'm Ian Cooper, a lecturer at the National Software Academy in the School of Computer Science and Informatics at Cardiff University. I have previously worked on a number of RA positions. I completed my PhD here in Cardiff, submitting in 2009, the PhD research investigates the potential of using Web services for MPI-style applications.

Previously in 1996 I graduated form Cardiff with an Electronics Degree and worked for Nortel networks in Newport for 4 years before moving to New Zealand to work for Holliday Group.
I worked for Holliday Group for one year and then traveled around the country for 6 months and decided it would be good to stay. I got a job with Allied Telesyn Research and worked for them in a new FPGA (to become ASIC) department. Unfortunatly the managing director resigned a few weeks after I started and the owners decided the new department would be put on hold indefinatly. I stayed untill november and then started traveling home back to Britian.
When I got back I bought a house and renovated it. this project although quite successful reminded me why I had gone into engineering so I decided to go back to collage to do a masters in computing. When this finnished, I was able to get funding for research in the field of distributed computing.

That seems to be the work part done, the rest can be told in pictures (well a limited selection I found on this computer).

WhoAmI/Pictures/Snowboarding  Beacons Ali walking.jpg
Ali boarding in the Beacons
Auto boof drop on the Mellte
Oli looking cool as...
It's good they get on
"> WhoAmI/Pictures/striding edge.jpg
lake district one winter
WhoAmI/Pictures/Ali Etive.jpg
Ali in Scotland
WhoAmI/Pictures/Snowboarding  Beacons Ali.jpg
The Messingaga in Norway
I hoped I knew what to do next.