Dr. Ian Cooper

I'm Ian Cooper, a lecturer at the National Software Academy in the School of Computer Science and Informatics at Cardiff University.

I started my professional life by gaining a BEng in Electronics Engineering from Cardiff University and then went to work for Nortel Networks specialising in FPGA programming on communications projects. I then moved to Christchurch New Zealand where I worked as an electronics engineer for Holliday Group, an electronics design consultancy, and then Allied Telesyn Research as an Electronics and FPGA Engineer.

On my return to the UK I gained an MSc in Computer Science, and then completed my PhD here in Cardiff, submitting in 2009, my PhD research investigates the potential of using Web Services for MPI-style applications. I then worked on a number of RA positions involving; optimising Wireless Mesh Network schedules, Naturally Viewed 3D Displays, and the parallelisation of algorithms to optimise Public Transport networks.