Short Reflection

Reflection on My Learning in This Module:

In this module I have understood that computational thinking is very essential in all the computer sciences and also in real life. The module explored the fundamental aspects of Computational Thinking, including decomposition, abstraction, pattern recognition, and algorithms. As abstract concepts they made sense to me, and I believe I can use them in any scenario including the job I am going to occupy as a Mortgage Officer.

That one of the most illuminating elements of this module was recognising how widely applicable Computer Thinking is. It is not limited to coding, or the software development processes alone. It is a way of thinking that can be applied across fields such as finance, real estate, and even when interacting with other people. This has however widened my scope of view in appreciating the cross-cutting nature of skills being gained.

In addition, I could see how Computational Thinking was beneficial through the hands-on exercises as well as the real-world example incorporated within the module. Applying these principles in real problems would help me to realize how effective and clear they were for resolving the issues.

Impact on My Future Learning:

It is on basis of this module that will lay a foundation as I proceed with my future studies. I have now an idea what I am talking about concerning Computational Thinking and this makes me more confident when addressing more advanced issues. I also have a strong desire to know how other disciplines may interact with Computational Thinking.

Additionally, the logical and deliberate methodology I've developed through understanding Computational Reasoning will be priceless in impending modules. Whether I'm exploring multifaceted numerical conditions, diving into refined programming assignments, or investigating certifiable situations, the primary standards of Computational Reasoning will be my compass. They'll guarantee I approach difficulties with lucidity, accuracy, and an organized strategy

In conclusion, this module has been life-changing in terms of my education as well as my perspective on learning in the future. Looking forward to developing on this knowledge, I am sure principles of the Computational Thinking will guide me as I walk on this path.