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An Example Form

This section presents a simple form and shows how it can be represented using the HTML forms facility, filled out by a user, passed to a server, and generate a reply. The form asks for information about using the World Wide Web.

Here is an HTML document that defines the Example Form just presented

You can select this link to see what this form looks like from your browser

<title>This is a practice form.</title>



Please help us to improve the World Wide Web by filling in 
the following questionaire:

   <P>Your organization? <INPUT NAME="org" TYPE=text SIZE="48">

   <P>Commercial? <INPUT NAME="commerce" TYPE=checkbox>

           How many users? <INPUT NAME="users" TYPE=int>

   <P>Which browsers do you use?

    <LI>Cello <INPUT NAME="browsers" TYPE=checkbox VALUE="cello">
    <LI>Lynx <INPUT NAME="browsers" TYPE=checkbox VALUE="lynx">
    <LI>X Mosaic <INPUT NAME="browsers" TYPE=checkbox VALUE="mosaic">
    <LI>Others <INPUT NAME="others" SIZE=40>

A contact point for your site: <INPUT NAME="contact" SIZE="42">

<P>Many thanks on behalf of the WWW central support team.

    <P><INPUT TYPE=submit> <INPUT TYPE=reset>