The process of breaking down a complex problem into multiple simple steps is called computer thinking. For example, making a cake is an extremely complicated process, because you can't just make a cake out of thin air. According to the computer thinking model, one can divide the steps of making a cake accordingly, starting with flour and dough, adding yeast for fermentation, putting it in the oven, and other small parts. At the same time, each step must be done in a certain order, and if you mess up one of the steps, the result will often become different. Computer learning is important because mastering certain computer thinking allows people to break down something complex, thus making the problem simple and easy to understand, and to analyze the problem similarly to previous problems encountered, to find the best solution path, and to pay attention to important details, to seize the main and secondary, to filter and ignore some irrelevant information, and next, to design a solution to each smaller Next, simple steps or rules can be designed to solve each smaller problem. In future career planning, people cannot complete their final plan in one step, so they have to break the plan into smaller parts and distribute them for realization to complete the task.