Computer Thinking

--general introduction made by Julius.

What is Computational Thinking?

Computational thinking is not about thinking like a computer, but a thinking method that can help us better understand complex problems, and distinguish which part can be solved by computers.

There are four key techniques to computational thinking:

Why is Computational Thinking Important to me?

Remote learning and working is becoming greater significant since COVID-19 outbreaked. Network, computers software and hardware gets increasingly needed in people's daily life, which makes programmer more important than ever. To be a good programmer, we must develop not only coding skills, but also thinking skills.

It's essential for programmers to handle Computational Thinking. Only if you're capable of correctly applying all those techniques in Computational Thinking can you become a pro programmer. With all those concepts, people made computer software and tools better and the development process within can be faster.

I've got benefit from the skills while I'm coding so far, I can solve many problems in my daily life with computer tools. And I do believe with my abilities of Computational Thinking enhanced, I will find it easier to get into any work about computers.

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