My studies in this module

My studies in this module focused on the following sections.

My studies in this module focused on the following sections.

Firstly, we have studied the development of computers and the history of computer networks. We learnt that at each stage of development, computers and networks have required innovation in computer technology and developers to refine the needs of users. It is an essential skill for a developer to be able to innovate and better fulfil the needs of the users.

Secondly, we learnt about HTML and CSS. We learned about the basic methods of writing web pages and how to use them to express what we want to say. This part of the course was an introduction to the use of HTML and CSS, and a first practical introduction to programming theory.

Finally, we learnt how to learn programming techniques. We learnt about a lot of new and useful programming tools and expanded our view of programming tools. By understanding the development tools, we can apply them in our further studies to better complete our programming tasks and improve our learning and work.

This part of the course has been instrumental in my future studies in the following ways:

In the future, we will encounter many more difficulties in our studies. There are many difficulties that we will not encounter in today's learning: more difficult user requirements, more complex programming languages, deeper user thinking and collaborative teamwork models. However, with the solid foundation laid by this course on computer thinking, we believe that we will be able to make breakthroughs and reap the rewards of our future studies.