Module Reflection

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I’ve learned a great deal in this module. Coming from a background in architecture and having played around with html and python in the past, I’ve always been comfortable with the coding interface. What has been super useful for me however has been going deeper into the why behind the what. Learning about the differences between language paradigms and their use cases as well as all the fundamentals. For example, I never even knew that CSS stands for cascading style sheets. Or that HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. So being introduced to the theory behind the practice has given me a greater appreciation for computer science and all the magic that happens behind the screen. I’m confident that what I’ve learned with html and css will prove advantageous to my other modules as I progress through the course.

When it comes to the assessment, it has been a great exercise and test for my understanding of html and css. What I’ve found is that no code is perfect but there is only better or worse. I’ve found myself spending 30 minutes trying to figure out how to do something simple like align an image to the center of the screen and feeling very accomplished once I figure it out. Building all the code line by line then looking back and realising that you started with just a blank page is quite spectacular. I had a vision to create a google chrome like browser with my pages making up the tabs. It was particularly tricky working with iframe as I needed it to achieve the effect, but after a few youtube tutorials it turned out alright. If I could improve the website, I would try to try to create a curve where the tabs meet so as to make the page more fluid and eliminate right angles. I’d also work a bit more on the colour scheme and integrate animations.