Harri Taylor

PhD Student at Cardiff University working on interpretable machine learning in the context of audio processing 🤖 🎧


I am a second year PhD student in computer science at Cardiff University, where I am researching interpretable machine learning for situation awareness problems. I am sponsored by the DAIS-ITA program, and my supervisors are Alun Preece, Dave Marshall, and Yulia Hicks. My current research focus is exploring how to create robust representations for deep neural networks for multiple modalities.


'18-'22 PhD Computer Science Cardiff University
'15-'18 BSc Computer Science (1st Class Hons.) Cardiff University


Researcher (’20-Now) SIMBAChain
Engineer SCaaS Platform (’19-’20) SIMBAChain
Research Intern Attribution maps for CNNs demo (’18) CSRI
CUROP Mining VSTi parameters with CNNs (’17) Cardiff University
Developer Frontend web development (’15-’17) ASB Consulting

Papers and Publications

(In press) VADR: Discriminative Multimodal Explanations for Situational Understanding

Harrison Taylor, Liam Hiley, Jack Furby, Alun Preece, Dave Braines

Discriminating Spatial and Temporal Relevance in Deep Taylor Decompositions for Explainable Activity Recognition

IJCAI ’19 XAI Workshop | PDF

Liam Hiley, Alun Preece, Yulia Hicks, Harrison Taylor, David Marshall

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