Computational Thinking Assessment

Summary of Computational Thinking

Summary of Computational Thinking

BBC Bitesize Summary

    This will include:
  1. - Definition
  2. - Importance in education
  3. - How it can be applied to a future career

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The 'Father of Computing'

Seymour Papert is widely known as the Father of Computing (Mitchel Resnick's article "Reviving Papert's Dream" (2012))

Seymour Parpert's influence on Computational Thinking:

This section will look at Seymour Papert's influence as a Computational Thinker. In doing so, will look at how Papert's, Wallace Feurzeig, Daniel Bobrow and Cynthia Solomon 'Logo' programming language made computational thinking accessible for children. This section will also look at the scholarly work around Papert and the lasting legacy on education and computational thinking.

More on Seymour Papert

Reflection of course


This section will provide my overall conclusions of the course and will look at how it impacts my further study.

Final conclusions on Computational Thinking

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