Past VLunch Seminars from 2003

Date Speaker Title
30 October Paul Rosin Measuring the convexity of shapes
13 November Julia Hicks Adding Gaussian mixture models & hidden Markov models
27 November John Collomosse (University of Bath) Video Paintbox
11 December Darren Cosker Optimising Matlab code
10 February Frank Langbein Geometric Constraints, Fibre Bundles, Topological Beautification and Tolerances
24 February Oksana Samko Low Dimension Hierarchical Subspace Modelling of High Dimensional Multi-Sensor Data
9 March Norazman Arbin Representing plant leaves
20th April Darren Cosker Psychological aspects of synthesized talking heads and image labelling for virtual signing
4th May Dave Marshall ICA
25th May Ralph Martin Interpreting Line Drawings of Objects with K-Vertices
7 October Chris Jones Parameterising line simplification
14 October Gavin Powell Journal Club: Multiple target tracking and classification
21 October Li Ming Rational quadratic approximation to real algebraic curves
28 October Paul Rosin Journal Club: Viola & Jones - face detection using Adaboost
4 November Oksana Samko Non-linear dimensionality reduction algorithms
11 November Dave Marshall Journal Club: haptics...
25 November Andriy Kurekin Mitigation of Image Impairments for Multichannel Remote Sensing Data Fusion
2 December Natasha Edwards Summarisation, Metadata Annotation and Retrieval of Digital Music Objects
9 December Paco Pujol Facial Expression Recognition
16 December Andrew Aubrey Journal Club: Blind source separation
3 March Ralph Martin Perpendicularity in drawings
10 March Omer Rana Agent based systems
17 March Jon Quinn Journal Club
14 April Paul Rosin Training Cellular Automata for Image Processing
21 April Darren Radford Statistical data fusion of battlefield data
28 April (Maggie) Yue Zheng Modeling and recognising human actions and interactions
5 May Shenglan Liu Reverse engineering of reliefs
12 May Darren Cosker Journal Club
19 May Simon Caton Networked vision systems
26 May Frank Langbein Watermarking meshes
2 June Ralph Martin Filling Holes in Video Sequences
12 October Gavin Powell Belief Functions and Real Numbers
19 October Ralph Martin How to write a paper
12 October Gavin Powell Belief Functions and Real Numbers
26 October Andrew Aubrey Blind source separation of speakers
2 November Ming Li Finding defining solids in complex approximate geometric models for design intent detection
9 November Oksana Samko Automatic construction of a hierarchical model using clustering and non-linear mapping
16 November Norazman Arbin Handling ranges in drawing leaves from text descriptions
23 November Yeunghak Lee (Yeungnam University, Korea) 3D Face Recognition
30 November Andriy Kurekin Support Vector Machine Classifiers. Application for Multicomponent Image Classification
7 December Natasha Edwards Feature Extraction and Representation of Music Data
14 December Paul Rosin Cellular Automata for Gray-Level Image Processing
11 January Jon Quinn Generating Density-Controlled Low-Discrepancy Point Distributions in 2D and 3D using Space-Filling Curves
25 January Paul Rosin Graph cuts
1 February Shenglan Liu Segmenting Reliefs on Triangle Meshes
8 February Darren Cosker Experiments with facial appearance models
15 February Ralph Martin Geometric Texture Synthesis and Transfer via Geometry Images
22 February Frank Langbein Partial approximate symmetries - fibre bundle decomposition of geometric constraint systems
1 March Simon Caton Collaborative distributed image processing
15 March (Maggie) Yue Zheng & Darren Cosker Demonstration of CRC lab equipment
22 March Weishi Li Parting line generation from triangle meshes
29 March Mark Nixon (University of Southampton) Face, Gait and Ear Biometrics; Non-Invasive Biometric Fusion
3 May Matthew Roberts Optimising sensor networks for data fusion
10 May Darren Radford Multiresolution Fusion of Remote Sensing SAR Data
24 May (Maggie) Yue Zheng Tracking and modelling human interactions in video
5 October Vedran Kajic (University of Zagreb, Croatia) An introduction to VTK with applications to processing mesh sequences
12 October Andriy Kurekin Branch-and-bound line segment matching algorithm for image registration
19 October Natasha Edwards Chord recognition
26 October [demonstration of Hexagon 3D scanners]
2 November Yulia Hicks Multi-camera tracking system
9 November Andrew Aubrey Video voice activity detector
16 November Ming Li Symmetry detection
23 November Jon Quinn Paintballing can be fun
30 November [demonstration of Faro 3D scanners]
7 November Shenglan Liu Segmenting Geometric Reliefs from Textured Background Surfaces
14 December Ralph Martin Skeleton Based Morphing
21 December Norazman Arbin Leaf shape synthesis
11 January Matthew Roberts Radio Propagation Models for Wireless Sensor Networks
18 January Darren Cosker Journal Club
25 January Weishi Li Finding split lines for moulds
01 February Frank Langbein Quantum Modelling
08 February Xianfang Sun Mesh denoising
15 February Yanwei Wang Mesh watermarking
22 February Paul Rosin Some Shape Convexity Measures
01 March Phil Legg Image registration using mutual information
08 March Ian Grimstead How to host a RAVE on your workstation
15 March Lan Truong-Benedikt Modeling an active 3D head
22 March Darren Radford An Intelligent Radar Sensor for Remote Sensing Data Fusion Applications
29 March Peter Hall (University of Bath) ARTcams: a new perspective on photography
5 April Peter Hall (University of Bath) Gestalt based grouping
26 April Simon Caton Dynamic Condor-based Services for Distributed Image Processing
10 May Cyril Charron Signature construction for image based robot localisation
17 May Hieu Le-Chi (Manufacturing Engineering Centre) Reverse engineering and its applications to biomedical modelling and dental applications
24 May Yanjuan Zhu (Tongji University) Fragment reassembly and partial surface matching
31 May Gavin Powell Segmenting layers in OCT retinal scans
19 July Shi-Min Hu (Tsinghua University, China) Topology repair and editing of 3D Models
4 October Shenglan Liu Segmenting Periodic Reliefs on Triangle Meshes
11 October Florian Twaroch Formal Models of Early spatial conceptualizations
18 October Fakri Othman Current Rotoscoping Techniques
25 October Chris Jones Modelling Vague Geographic Regions
1 November Xianfang Sun Noise Analysis and Synthesis of 3D Range Scanner
8 November John Collomosse (University of Bath) Content Based Image Retrieval
15 November Xianghua (Jason) Xie (Swansea University) Active Contouring
22 November Ralph Martin Geometric Tolerance Zones in 3D
29 November Jon Quinn Point Based Graphics
6 December Mark Hall Spatial Language
13 December Kirill Sidorov Towards a Realistic Emotive Head
17 January Charles Leek (Bangor University) Shape analyses for object recognition in man and machine: Evidence from psychophysical studies of fixational eye movements
24 January Cyril Charron Learning Mixture Models: a fast incremental approach
31 January Benjamin Mora (Swansea University) Decreasing the complexity of Volume Rendering Algorithms
07 February Andrew Calway (Bristol University) Visual SLAM
14 February Aliaa Youssif (Helwan University, Egypt) Optic Disc Detection From Normalized Digital Fundus Images
21 February Krish Singh (CUBRIC) Non-invasive functional imaging of the human brain using MEG and fMRI
28 February Jon Quinn Point based graphics
06 March Andriy Kurekin Exploitation of Remote Sensing Radar Images with Different Aspect Angles for Land Clutter Modelling
13 March Weishi Li Smoothing a boundary curve on a surface
20 March Paul Warren Human optic flow processing to support the assessment of object movement
17 March Diego Pizzocaro Resource Allocation in Wireless Sensor Networks Supporting Military Missions
24 March Xianfang Sun Bas-Relief Generation
01 May Phil Legg Improving Multi-Modal Image Registration using Gauge Coordinate Feature Derivatives
08 May Simon Caton Using Dynamic Condor-based Services for Classifying Schizophrenia in Diffusion Tensor Images
15 May Matt Roberts Improving wireless sensor network management using classification
22 May Ralph Martin Think Locally Act Globally by Craig Gotsman
29 May (Maggie) Yue Zheng
5 June Frank Langbein Photonic Circuits
12 June Lanthao Truong-Benedikt Using facial dynamics in biometric identification
9 October Yuezhu Huang (Shandong University, China) Expressive 3D facial line Drawing from range images
16 October Zhouhui Lian (Beihang University, China) Rectilinearity of 3D Meshes
23 October Mark Hall The shape of spatial prepositions
30 October Cyril Charron Adaptive models for object recognition
6 November Andy Holland 3D reconstruction of urban scenes
13 November Vedran Kajic Segmentation of OCT data
27 November Oksana Samko Automatic discovery of semantic patterns in motion data using hierarchical clustering and HHMM
4 December Weishi Li Smoothing boundary curves for region machining
11 December Kirill Sidorov An Efficient Stochastic Approach to Groupwise Non-rigid Image Registration
18 December Xianfang Sun 4-Points Congruent Sets for Robust Pairwise Surface Registration
8 January Paul Rosin A Hu Invariant as a Shape Circularity Measure
15 January Ian Grimstead Displaying more than 256 shades of grey without a £10,000 12-bit radiology monitor
22 January Dave Marshall Tensors, Subspace Analysis and Dimension Reduction
29 January Alia Abdelmoty Qualitative Spatial Reasoning for Geospatial Domains
12 February Phil Legg Improving Multi-Modal Image Registration using Gauge Coordinate Feature Derivatives
19 February Jon Quinn Automated Photograph Caption Generation
26 February Nassir Mohammad (School of Mathematics) Statistical Modelling of Natural Images
12 March Ralph Martin Bilateral filter variants
19 March Florian Twaroch Building vernacular gazetteers
26 March Dominic Griffiths (Fusion Cardiff/RACDV) Commercialisation
23 April Robert Bares Long-range Sonar over Multiple Pings
7 May Phil Smart Description Logic Programs for Reasoning Over Geographic Ontologies of Place
14 May Ben Havell Cluster estimation for improvements in 3D facial coarticulation
21 May XueDong Zhao (Manufacturing Engineering Centre) Robot safety and some crazy questions
28 May Yukun Lai Feature sensitive geometry processing
4 June Cyril Charron Merging parametric models for unsupervised probabilistic image segmentation
11 June James Mullineux Patient Specific in vivo facial muscle 3D reconstruction using DT-MRI
18 June Bahram Sadeghi (Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences, Iran) Polar Diagram
25 June Darren Cosker Automatically Animating Non-Linguistic Vocalisations: Laughter, Crying, Sneezing and Yawning
8 October Yukun Lai Metric driven rotational symmetry field design
15 October Hui Fang (Swansea University) Facial Registration and Recognition from Video Sequences
22 October Andrew Aubrey Using Vision for Voice activity detection
29 October Gary Tam Indexing and retrieval of 3D articulated geometry models
5 November Dimitrios Makris (Kingston University) Tracking Articulated Motion in 2D and 3D
12 November Ian Grimstead Haptic support for molecular docking
26 November Annabel Cartwright (Physics and Astronomy) Measuring the structure of astrophysical objects
3 December Mark Hall Describing locations with natural language
10 December Jing Wu Statistical gender classification in the surface normal domain
14 January Vedran Kajic (Optometry) Statistical model for segmentation of OCT medical data
28 January Osian Haines (Bristol University) Extending Visual SLAM - Structure, Large Spaces and Visualisation
4 February Ioannis Kaloskampis Individual Identification of Great Whites
11 February John McWhirter Polynomial matrix decompositions for broadband MIMO communications
18 February Bahador Makki Abadi Blind source separation using Tensor decomposition
25 February Zhi-Quan Cheng (National University of Defense Technology, China) 3D non-rigid registration for general data
4 March XueDong Zhao (Manufacturing Engineering Centre) Two-Wheeled Auto-Balancing Vehicle
11 March Ran Song (Aberystwyth University) Integration of multi-view range images
18 March Paul Rosin Training Cellular Automata for Image Processing
15 April Paul Rosin Towards Artistic Minimal Rendering
22 April Vahid Abolghasemi Compressed Sensing
29 April Cyril Charron A comparison of unsupervised segmentation algorithms
6 May Reyer Zwiggelaar / Bashar Al-Rjoub (Aberystwyth University) Facial thermal imaging, deceit and feelings
13 May Taku Komura (University of Edinburgh) Topology-based Character Motion Synthesis
20 May Frank Langbein Hamiltonian Tomography of Noisy Data
27 May Matthew Williams Decentralised Detection of Periodic Encounter Communities
7 October Darren Cosker (University of Bath) Perception of Linear and Nonlinear Motion Properties using a FACS Validated 3D Facial Model
14 October Reinhard Klette (University of Auckland, New Zealand) Panoramic Imaging: Sensor-Line Cameras and Laser Range-Finders
28 October Jon Quinn Anisotropic Surface Sampling and Enriched 3D City Models
4 November Ioannis Kaloskampis & Greg Parker Report on ECCV & BMVC
11 November Ben Havell Modelling facial motion for audio driven animation
18 November Vision and Human Perception for Data Mining Alexander Balinsky (MATHS)
25 November Andrew Aubrey report on Symposium on Facial Analysis and Animation
2 December Stephane Bordas Modelling moving boundary problems, from crack growth to surgical simulation
9 December Alan Woodland (Aberystwyth University)
16 December Oksana Samko Information recovery from unopenable historical documents
13 January Zhi-Quan Cheng (National University of Defense Technology, China) Processing of relief and mesh sequence
20 January Yukun Lai Sketch guided solid texturing
27 January Peter Hall (University of Bath) Acquisition of natural phenomena from video, for graphics applications
3 February Gary Tam Non-Rigid Registration
10 February Jing Wu Bas-relief from facial images
17 February Chen Mao Sketch-based Human Modelling and Animation
24 February Ioannis Kaloskampis Improving Engineering Design with the aid of Computer Vision
3 March Ralph Martin Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation vs. Optimal Delaunay Triangulation
10 March Dimitrios Makris (Kingston University) Human Motion Analysis using Dimensionality Reduction Methods
17 March Xianfang Sun Cellular Automata
24 March Paul Rosin Orientation of Compound Objects
31 March Cyril Charron (Swansea University) Segmenting IVUS images, how to deal with 2dB-SNR images
12 May Hannah Dee (Aberystwyth University) Perceiving and using space: Human behaviour in video and spatial cognition
2 June Steve Gill (UWIC) The problems of appropriately prototyping computer embedded products without high end electronics or programming knowledge
13 October Damian Farnell (University of Glamorgan) Active Shape Models Applied to Panoramic Dental Radiographs
20 October Paul Rosin Towards Artistic Minimal Rendering
27 October Phil Legg (Swansea University) Snooker Video Visualization
10 November Xiaowei Ma Mesh generation based on surface mosaics
17 November Ralph Martin Ralph's ramblings
24 November Rafal Mantiuk (Bangor University) Towards perceptual realism: capturing high dynamic range images and modelling the human visual system
8 December Chenfeng Li (Swansea University) View-Dependent Multiscale Fluid Simulation
15 December Jon Quinn Anisotropic Sampling, CVT, Video Replacement, High-dimensional Manifold Curvature and NPR: An Introductory Guide
12 January Kirill Sidorov Electrostatics for Animation
26 January Tim Morris (University of Manchester) Using texture measurements in analysing retinal images
2 February Zhili Chen (Aberystwyth University) Automated Mammographic Risk Assessment
23 February Greg Parker Diffusion weighted imaging of the face
8 March Niloy J. Mitra (UCL) Analysis and Manipulation of 3D Geometry
15 March Taku Komura (University of Edinburgh) Controlling high dimensional objects using low dimensional control signals
22 March Bernie Tiddeman (Aberystwyth University) A nerd's guide to beauty, sex and evolution
29 March Thanos Anthopoulos Protein flexibility in haptic-aided molecular docking simulations using Graphical Processing Units
26 April Andrew Aubrey report on ICCASP
10 May Adrien Maglo (Ecole Centrale Paris, France) Progressive compression of manifold polygon meshes
17 May Bob Laramee (Swansea University) Data Visualization: All the Rage
24 May Wenwu Wang (University of Surrey) Adaptive dictionary learning algorithms for image denoising, source separation, and visual tracking
31 May Cyril Charron Brain states, BCI and mind reading: learning a joint EEG-fMRI model for EEG categorisation
4 October Steven Schockaert Qualitative spatial reasoning about natural language categories
11 October Jing Wu Turning face photographs into bas-reliefs
18 October Jason Vandeventer Differentiating Duchenne from Non-Duchenne Smiles Using Active Appearance Models and the Facial Action Coding System
25 October Qimin Li (Chongqing University, China) Wavelet on graph
15 November Alexandre Noyvirt Shadow Robot System/Human sensing for service robotics
22 November Yukun Lai Example-based Colour Transfer for Gradient Meshes
29 November Darren Cosker (University of Bath) The Role of Perception and Analysis in Developing Realistic Facial Animation
13 December Gabin-Wilfried Kayumbi Virtual tools in medical training: Endoscope Simulator
10 January Ian Cooper NV3D: a naturally viewed 3D display system
17 January Ioannis Kaloskampis Analysing complex human behaviour in video sequences using Key Action Discovery and Hierarchical Graphical Models
31 January Ming-Ming Cheng (Oxford Brookes University) Smart Images: Understanding image scene for rendering, editing, and retrieval
14 February Shi-Min Hu (Tsinghua University, China) Recovering High-quality Structure Information From Low-quality Scan Acquisition
21 February Paul Rosin Measuring Linearity
28 February Xianfang Sun Visual Similarity based 3D Shape Retrieval Using Bag-of-Features
14 March Chris Gwilliams Using off-the-shelf tools and crowd sourcing to classify remotely sensed images
21 March Hamish Carr (University of Leeds) Building Topological Tools for Graphics & Visualisation
18 April Yifei Zhang (Northeastern University, China) Opinion mining supporting public sentiment analysis from Chinese blogs
25 April Andrew Aubrey A Database of Natural Dyadic Conversations
2 May David Pickup Example-Based Water Animation
9 May Matt Brown (University of Bath) Recognition in the Visible and Infrared
16 May Gary Tam (Swansea University) Consistent Correspondences from Local Isometry
23 May Ali Khayeat Digital Image Forgery Detection
30 May Ralph Martin Editing stereo images, and correcting fisheye images
3 October Matt Williams Periodic human mobility patterns
10 October Paul Rosin Non-Photorealistic Rendering with Spot Colour
17 October Susan Doshi Statistical image analysis in cone-beam computed tomography
24 October Richard Milliken 3D Models using Smartphone technologies - Early days
7 November Miao Wang (Tsinghua University, China) Smart image editing by image content understanding
14 November Tim Ellis (Kingston University) Road Vehicle Detection and Classification
21 November Dijana Tralic (University of Zagreb, Croatia) Block-based methods for copy-move forgery detection
28 November Mahmud Abdulla Mohammad Unsupervised evaluation of video segmentation sequences
5 December Robin Ding The simulation of surgical cutting using Sofa - my learning experience
12 December Paul Rosin Analysing scrolls
9 January David Pickup Euclidean Distance Based Canonical Forms for Non-Rigid 3D Shape Retrieval
16 January Jonathan Slade Google Maps 'Journey-immersion' : Can the Google Maps API allow the creation of a narrative, to take the user on a journey and to tell a story using dynamic progression through time and space
23 January Kang Chen (Tsinghua University, China) Sketch2Scene: Sketch-based Co-retrieval and Co-placement of 3D Models
30 January Gabin Kayumbi Virtual tools in medical training: Endoscope Simulator
6 February Jason Vandeventer Building Tools for 3D Facial Expression Model Analysis and Manipulation
13 February Shi-Min Hu (Tsinghua University, China) A Metric of Visual Comfort for Stereoscopic Motion
27 February Xianfang Sun Bas-Relief Modeling from Normal Images with Intuitive Styles
6 March Ralph Martin Region based bas relief generation
13 March Kirill Sidorov / Laurence Semmens Computational Music
20 March Dimitrios Makris (Kingston University) Generalised Laplacian Eigenmaps for Modelling and Tracking Human Motions
27 March Peter Hall Visual Object Recognition Regardless of Depictive Style
3 April Iain Ainsworth (Renishaw) An Introduction to Renishaw's Geometric Modelling Library
8 May Steven Schockaert Qualitative spatial reasoning about conceptual spaces
15 May Dave Marshall Sports and Surveillance Video Analysis
29 May Yukun Lai A Data-Driven Approach to Realistic Shape Morphing
5 June Antonella Falini (Johannes Kepler University, Austria) Segmentation of planar domains by template mapping
12 June Jing Wu Shape from shading with Tabu search and user interaction
19 June Andrea Brancale (Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences) Interactive drug design Development of a haptic-driven, GPGPU based molecular modelling simulator
26 June Gary Atkinson (University of the West of England) 3D face recognition using photometric stereo
2 October Dijana Tralic (University of Zagreb, Croatia) Copy move forgery detection using local binary patterns and cellular automata
9 October David Pickup Running a shape retrieval benchmark
16 October Hai Zhang (Beihang University, China) A Robust Adaptive Horizon Recognizing Algorithm Based on Projection
23 October Zeliang Wang Polynomial Matrix Techniques for MIMO Communications
30 October Frank Langbein Towards Enhancing Magnetic Resonance Imaging using Control and Machine Learning
6 November Ioannis Kaloskampis Anomaly detection in video
13 November Zhibin Niu Rapidly Finding CAD Features Using Database Optimisation
20 November Dave Marshall and Kirill Sidorov Mu-tunes and grammar
27 November Danlu Cen The role of positional cues in the visual guidance of human walking
4 December Yulia Hicks Quantifying atherosclerosis using 3D freehand ultrasound imaging
11 December Richard Milliken 3D Models using Smartphone technologies
8 January Shuai Lin (National University of Defense Technology, China) A practical trial on human body reconstruction with RGBD cameras
15 January Susan Doshi Bayesian statistical modelling in diffusion MRI
22 January Aled Owen Simulating physiological signals through manifold learning techniques
29 January Ali Khayeat Using Improved DSIFT descriptor to detect CRM forgery in digital images
5 February Wassim Jabi (Architecture) Predictive digital surfaces for robotic manufacturing
12 February Mahmud Abdulla Mohammad Evolving GMMs for road type classification
19 February Chris Jones Visualising Spatio-Temporal Interaction Data
26 February Ralph Martin Computational Photography and Displays at KAUST
5 March Kaelon Lloyd Detecting Scenes of Violence in City Centre Environments using Surveillance Camera Footage
12 March Alexandre Noyvirt Human Perception Capabilities for Domestic Service Robots
19 March Zafi Syed Facial Expression recognition
26 March Chang Liu (Beihang University, China) Spacecraft image processing
23 April Yi-Zhe Song (Queen Mary University) Sketches: Recognition, Matching and Retrieval
30 April Dawn Knight (English, Communication and Philosophy) Multi-modal corpus linguistics
7 May Ashwan Abdulmunem Saliency Guided Local and Global Descriptors for Effective Action Recognition
14 May Hawraa Abbas Automatic Classification of Facial Morphology for Medical Applications
21 May Darren Cosker (University of Bath) Computer Vision and Graphics research in the area of Entertainment, VFX and Video Games
28 May Yonghuai Liu (Aberystwyth University) Learning to Match 3D Overlapping Partial Shapes
4 June Jonathan Gratch (USC) The promise and peril of anthropomorphizing agents
11 June Jason Vandeventer 4D Conversational Facial Expression Modelling, Analysis, and Synthesis
20 August Erkan Gunpinar (Istanbul Technical University) A Split-and-Pack Approach for Segmentation of Ship Hull into Producible Plates
30 September Paul Rosin Non-Photorealistic Rendering of Portraits
07 October Zhou Wang (University of Waterloo) Visual quality assessment
14 October David Marshall An overview of BMVC 2015
21 October Joseph Redfern Video to audio conversion for visually impaired
28 October Jing Wu Improving Interactive SFS with Belief Propagation
04 November Chang Liu (Beihang University, China) Robust Segmentation of Historical Parchment XMT Images for Virtual Unrolling
11 November Padraig Corcoran Computational Topology
18 November Tianyi Zhang Bag of Words Image Classifier
02 December Ran Song and Karina Rodriguez Echavarria (University of Brighton) Studying shape semantics of an architectural moulding collection: classifying style based on shape analysis methods
09 December David Pickup Query by analogy: an alternative approach to multimedia retrieval
06 January Jonathan Slade Automatic Semantic and Geometric Enrichment of CityGML Building Models using HoG-based Template Matching
20 January Hantao Liu Application of visual attention in quality of visual experience
27 January Elaine Crooks (Swansea University) Compensated convexity, Hausdorff-stable singularity extraction, and image processing
3 February Frank Langbein Building a quantum router - characterisation, control and stability of spin-1/2 networks
10 February Yukun Lai Active Exploration of Large 3D Model Repositories
17 February Zainab Harbi Segmentation of Clock Drawings based on Spatial and Temporal Feature
2 March Renzo Massobrio (Universidad de la República, Uruguay) Taxi sharing optimization using evolutionary algorithms
9 March Wei Zhang Benchmarking state-of-the-art visual saliency models for image quality assessment
16 March Phil Legg (University of the West of England) Visualizing Cyber Security
13 April Xianfang Sun An introduction to deep machine learning
20 April Jon Quinn (Reach Robotics) Robots!
4 May Kait Clark (Psychology) I knew you were going to miss that: Predictors of visual search performance
18 May Tilo Burghardt (Bristol University) Vision for Animal Biometrics
25 May Bo Li (Nanchang Hangkong University) Online low rank representation learning for dynamic clustering
8 June Yongliang Yang (University of Bath) Analysis and Exploration of Geometric Structures
15 June Abhijat Biswas (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati) Social Event Discovery
28 September Aled Owen Do you need supervision? Learning to represent video from a sequential verification task
5 October Paul Rosin The Morecambe and Wise Show - Series One (1968)
12 October Karima Elmasri Automatic Detection and Quantification of Abdominal Aortic Calcification in Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry
19 October Zafi Syed Depression screening from Speech: The AVEC 2016 challenge
26 October Ning Dai (Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics) Computer aided design for complete denture
9 November Kaelon Lloyd Violent Behaviour Detection using Motion Trajectories
16 November Hui Huang Zhao (HengYang Normal University) Adaptive Gradient-based Block Compressive Sensing with Standard Deviation
23 November Wei Ma (Beijing University of Technology) 3D Reconstruction from Multiple Views
30 November Ashwan Abdulmunem Action Recognition based on Geodesic paths in Skeleton Graphs
7 December Kirill Sidorov Introduction to Paleographic Dating of Birch Bark Manuscripts
11 January Padraig Corcoran Modeling the Topology of Swarm Behavior
18 January Ali Khayeat Copy move forgery detection
25 January Paul Rosin Keypoint Descriptors
1 February Wei Zhang Saliency Deviation Index: from visual saliency deviation to image quality evaluation
8 February David Pickup (Snap Fashion) Snap Tech - Working in a visual search startup
15 February Ralph Martin Pop-up Transformers
8 March Jon Quinn (Reach Robotics) Robots! 2.0
15 March David Mould (Carleton University, Canada) Reduced-Palette Image Stylization
22 March Lucie Lévêque (University of Hull) Study of quality assessment of ultrasound videos for tele-assistance
29 March Aled Owen The Highs and Lows of Experimenting with Deep Learning
5 April Bailin Deng From Digital to Physical: Computational Tools for Design and Fabrication
3 May Muhammad Khurshid Asghar (COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan) Robust image forgery detection using DRLBP and SVM
10 May Phoebe Asquith (Psychology) Optimising ICA analysis: The components of James Bond
17 May Stefano Zappalà Anisotropic finite element models for brain injury prediction: the sensitivity of axonal strain to white matter tract inter-subject variability
31 May William White Groupwise Automatic Music Transcription
7 June Juyong Zhang (University of Science and Technology of China) 3D assisted face analysis
1 October Lucie Leveque Video quality perception in telesurgery
18 October Dongyu She Visual sentiment analysis using convolutional neural network
25 October Aaron Zhang University of Bristol Perceptual Compression for Immersive Video Formats
01 November Dr Zulfiqar Habib COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan
08 November Hui Fang Edge Hill University Categorical colormap optimization with visualization case studies
15 November Juncheng Liu Peking University Data-driven 3D model processing
22 November Kirill Sidirov Paleographic dating of birch bark manuscripts: Part II
29 November Jing Wu Visual diagnosis of tree boosting methods
06 December Joseph Redfern Agent-based modelling of drinker behaviour in city centres
13 December Stefano Zappalà Investigation on the Mechanics Underlying Brain Shift
28 February Mohamed Binesmael Cardiff Racing Driverless
7 March Lingfen Sun QoE Management for Video Streaming Services over the Internet
14 March Zafi Syed Social Signal Processing
21 March Yukun Lai Automatic Transfer of Image Colour and Styles
25 April Paul Whelan Computer Vision for Biomedical Applications: From Surface to Sub-Cell
2 May Frank Langbein Controlling quantum spin networks
9 May Alastair Sloan (Dentistry) 3D Models of Tissue Infection and Repair
16 May Khemraj Emrith (University of West of England) Estimating 3D surface structure: from macroscale to microscale characterisation
20 June Chris Marshall (Wales Research and Diagnostic PET Imaging Centre) Overview of Positron Emission Tomography and the All Wales Research and Diagnostic PET Imaging Facility
3 October Juncheng Liu (Peking University) Image driven co-segmentation of 3D models
10 October Hui Huang Zhao (HengYang Normal University) Image Style Transfer using Deep CNNs
17 October Dietmar Saupe (University of Konstanz, Germany) KonIQ-10k: An ecologically valid database for deep learning of blind image quality assessment
24 October Zeliang Wang Polynomial matrix eigenvalue decomposition techniques for multichannel signal processing
31 Oct Yuhua Li Novelty Detection: Know Unknowns from Knowns
7 Nov Nicholas Wardhana (ARCH) Topologic: A Toolkit for Spatial and Topological Architectural Modelling and Exploration
14 Nov Thomas Hartley Pruning Convolutional Neural Networks
21 Nov Bailin Deng Anderson Acceleration for Geometry Optimization and Physics Simulation
28 Nov Aled Owen Where is the ball? Self-supervised representations for team sports
5 December Jing Wu Seeing the Unseen: Locating Objects from Visual Reflections
9 January Abraham Nieva De La Hidalga Application of Semantic Segmentation for processing of large image datasets from natural history collections
16 January David George (Swansea University) Feature Driven Learning Techniques for 3D Shape Segmentation
23 January Stefano Zappala Is Your Brain Deforming? An In-vivo Investigation of Positional Brain Shift
30 January Hantao Liu Demonstration and examples of eye tracking
6 February Xianfang Sun Image Super-resolution
13 February Paul Rosin Reverse Correlation for Image Downsampling
27 February Darren Cosker (University of Bath) Motion Capture, Analysis and Animation Research at CAMERA
6 March Julien Schroeter Weakly-Supervised Temporal Localization via Occurrence Count Learning
13 March Joseph Redfern Association of Violence with Urban Points of Interest
20 March Mark Hall (Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg) Visual Interfaces for Exploring Digital Cultural Heritage
27 March Tim Ellis (Kingston University) Looking at people - measuring falls and interactions
3 April Heejune Ahn (SeoulTech) Computer vision and deep learning algorithms for 2-D image based virtual cloth try-on
10 April David Pickup (FiveAI) Building an Autonomous Vehicle
15 May David Humphreys Enhancing Shortest Grammar Algorithms for Analysis of Musical Scores
22 May Bo Li (Nanchang Hangkong University) Image Colourisation
29 May Ethan Dickson (Cardiff University and Orbital Media) Talking Heads - Speech Driven Facial Modelling and Video Synthesis
5 June Ran Song and Karina Rodriguez Echavarria (University of Brighton) Analysis and Applications of 3D Objects to Support Audiences to Engage with 3D Content, including Cultural Heritage Objects
12 June Matthias Treder Tricks for kernel methods in large datasets
17 July Xiaofeng He (National University of Defense Technology, China) Bio-inspired navigation technology
17 July Changhao Chen (National University of Defense Technology, China) Learning methods for robust localization
16 October Bailin Deng Towards Scalable Geometry Processing (Without Solving Linear Systems)
23 October Yipeng Qin Towards Understanding How GANs Really Work
30 October Daniel Finnegan His recently CHI paper submission
6 November Yue Peng (University of Science and Technology of China) Accelerating ADMM for Efficient Simulation and Optimization
13 November Richard Booth A brief introduction to belief revision and some potential connections with computer vision
20 November Yukun Lai Deep Generative Models for Images and 3D Shapes
27 November Roberto Dyke Shape Correspondence and Registration with Non-Isometric Deformations
4 December Dalia ALfarasani Measuring 3D mesh saliency using eye tracker
8 January Feng Zhou (Beihang University, China) A small talk on Semantic segmentation, from RGB to RGBD
15 January Emin Zerman (Trinity College Dublin) Perception and Quality Assessment for Immersive Imaging Technologies
22 January Mark Hall (The Open University) This is not funny
29 January Paul Rosin Neural Style Transfer with Additional Information
5 February Brendan McCane (University of Otago, New Zealand) 3D reconstruction of vertebrae from bi-planar x-rays
12 February Fahd Alhamazani 3DSA-GAN: 3D Self-Attention GAN for Shape Completion from Single-View Depth Images
19 February Salma Al-Qazzaz Deep Learning-based Brain Tumour Image Segmentation with Extension to Stroke lesion Segmentation
26 February Han Liu Granular Computing Based Machine Learning for Deep Processing of Unstructured Data
4 March Qian Xie (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China) A brief introduction of deep learning on 3D point cloud
11 March Zhongyu Jiang (Tianjin University, China) Reference Guided Face Super-Resolution via 3D Morphable Modeling
18 March Sen-Zhe Xu (Tsinghua University, China) Simultaneous Multi-Attribute Image-to-image Translation
25 March Meijing Gao (Yanshan University, China) Optical micro-scanning thermal microscope imaging system
4 November Ethan Dickson (Cardiff University and Orbital Media) Speech-Driven Avatar Synthesis
18 November Frank Langbein, Ethan Dickson (Cardiff University and Orbital Media), Joseph Redfern Mixed session on hot topics and useful tools. 1/ Toasters, steam engines and quantum computers 2/ Time Series and Process Models 3/ Reproducible research using Docker
2 December Ian Grimstead and Li Chen (Office for National Statistics) Estimating vehicle and pedestrian activity from town and city traffic cameras
16 December Stefano Zappala Can Registration Methods for Neuroimaging Follow a Biomechanical Deformation? Optimisation on Two Biofidelic Fields
13 January Xin Zhao Deep Learning VS. Traditional Algorithms for Saliency Prediction of Distorted Images
27 January Damian Farnell (School of Dentistry, Cardiff University), Tom Hartley Orthodontics and 3D Imaging and Multivariate Statistical Models of Shape/Explaining Failure: Investigation of Surprise and Expectation in CNNs
10 February Ralph Martin My new 3D printer
10 March Xiangxu Yu (University of Texas at Austin) Predicting the Quality of Compressed Videos with Pre-Existing Distortions
24 March Hein Min Htike AR glasses as mobility aid for people with low vision
21 April Robert Roithmayr (Donau-Universität Krems, Austria) Computational Modelling and Engineering of Tensile Membrane Structures
12 May Shih-Yuan Wang (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan) Architectural Robotics
19 May Jungong Han (Aberystwyth University) Image Saliency Detection: From Convolutional Neural Network to Capsule Network
26 May Oktay Karakus (University of Bristol) Can we Sense the Call of the Ocean? Marine Monitoring via Remote Sensing Computational Imaging
17 November Paul Rosin Simple Computer Vision Algorithms
2 February Igor Rizaev (University of Bristol) SAR simulation: features in imaging of sea waves and ship wakes
9 February Yueran Ma Traditional vs. Deep Learning Methods for Medical Image Quality Assessment
16 February Sophie Shermer (Swansea University) Quantitative MRI and Spectroscopy: from quantification of chemicals in the brain to diagnostic tools for prostate cancer
23 February Nobuyuki Umetani (University of Tokyo) Interactive Design Optimization in Computational Fabrication
2 March Ben Daubney (MBDA) Image Processing in Industry: Complex Weapons
9 March Perspectives on AI-powered brain microstructure imaging Marco Palombo
16 March Ensemble Method for Medical Image Segmentation Hateef Alshewaier
23 March Computational Assemblies for Digital Fabrication Peng Song (Singapore University of Technology and Design)
4 May Wanli Ma Multi-modal Remote Sensing Image Fusion for Land Cover Mapping
11 May Zien Ma Metabolite Quantification with Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Spectrum Signal Processing using an Autoencoder Architecture
18 May Aaron Zhang (University of Bristol) Perceptually Inspired Deep Video Compression
25 May Amir Vaxman (Utrecht University) High-order and Degree Directional Fields
2 November Paul Rosin An informal talk on my struggles with skulls and affine invariant 3D curve moments
Oktay Karakus Another informal talk on earth observation for environmental challenges
9 November Abdulkerim Duman (School of Engineering) Clinical Applications of Brain Tumour Segmentation
16 November Yuanbang Liang Exploring and Exploiting Hubness Priors for High-Quality GAN Latent Sampling
Xinbo Wu Analysis of Video Quality Induced Spatio-Temporal Saliency Shift
23 November Oliver van Kaick (Carleton University, Canada) Guided Creation of Computer Graphics Content with Neural Networks
30 November Njuod Alsudays AFPSNet: Multi-Class Part Parsing based on Scaled Attention and Feature Fusion
Fahd Alhamazani 3D shapes: Depth Completion and evaluation metric
8 February Iris Xin Zhao Human VS Computer: A new experiment (VISES) to evaluate saliency prediction performance
Zhengyan Dong Identifying Pitfalls in the Evaluation of Saliency Models for Videos
1 March Agnethe Olsen (School of Biosciences) Computer vision in disease ecology
Yun Zhang (Communication University of Zhejiang, China) Content Manipulation of 360-degree Panoramas on the Sphere
8 March Wassim Jabi (School of Architecture) Integrating Geometry, Topology, and Information in Architecture
18 April Naheed Akhtar (COMSATS, Pakistan) April Video Temporal Tampering Detection
Yun Zhang (Communication University of Zhejiang, China) Content Manipulation of 360-degree Panoramas on the Sphere (part 2)
26 April Yukun Lai Learning based Visual Content Generation and Editing
3 May Ogechukwu Ukwandu Developing A Robust Artificial Intelligence System for Precision Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Huasheng Wang Deep Ordinal Regression Framework for No-Reference Image Quality Assessment
17 May Xin Zhao CUDAS: Distortion-Aware Saliency Benchmark
7 June Bailin Deng Computational Optics Design
14 June Bin Zhu (Bristol University) Food Computing from a Multimedia Perspective
4 October Paddy Slater Unsupervised and self-supervised machine learning for quantitative medical image analysis
11 October Maëliss Jallais (CUBRIC) Fast and robust likelihood-free Bayesian inference with machine learning
18 October Hantao Liu Visual Saliency Prediction Using Deep Learning
25 October Yipeng Qin Some Thoughts on the Spaces and Distributions of Deep Generative Models
1 November Padraig Corcoran How to write a systematic literature review
8 November Xianfang Sun Medical Image Segmentation
22 November Jing Wu Visual Analytics in Deep Learning for Computer Vision
29 November Darren Cosker (Microsoft Research Ltd) AI for Human Understanding in Mixed Reality
6 December Kirill Sidorov Challenges in Computational Music
13 December Wei Zhou Immersive Visual Processing: From Human Perception to Machine Intelligence

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