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Problem Solving Applications and Practical Deployment

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Seattle, Washington, USA
May 1, 1999

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Please note: Paper deadline for this workshop is different from the deadline for the Agents99 conference at the above URL.

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The workshop will cover the role of agent based technologies in parallel/high performance computing. The current change in emphasis, from `high performance parallel' computing to `high performance parallel/distributed' computing on commodity computing platforms, has meant new techniques becoming useful (and possible) in scientific computing. The use of code mobility (using mobile agents), and the use of speech-acts (through KQML, FIPA) has meant that agent technology has opened up new research areas in scientific computing, and could potentially lead to new applications areas, in resource management, commercial applications such as data mining and data warehousing.

In order to make these problem solving agent applications possible we need to understand how to deploy agents on a large scale. There are many aspects of this problem, including mechanisms to support large numbers of agents, and how a large number of agents function. Agent deployment must be sufficiently robust and reliable, so that scientists and commercial organizations will entrust agents with mission critical applications.

This workshop will be organized around two themes:

This workshop is particularly aimed at fostering interaction between researchers and practitioners in the high performance computing and agents communities. It will allow investigators to demonstrate new work, or new research results, which apply to these areas.

The workshop includes, but is not restricted to, the following general areas:

Practical Deployment

The Practical Deployment Problems part of the workshop will examine issues related to deploying large, robust, distributed multi-agent systems. Discussion can include such areas as:


Robustness and Persistence Applied Technology: Problem Solving Agents

Implementations in particular scientific computing domains will also be considered, and submission of work-in-progress, or work completed, is encouraged. Possible application domains include:

Related applications in finance:
Paper Submission

Papers should report new work and should be printable on 8.5x11 paper using 12 point type (10 characters per inch for typewriters). Each page must have no more than 38 lines and an average of 75 characters per line. (This corresponds to LaTeX article style, 12 point.) Paper bodies should be no longer than 5000 words, including references and figures (assumed to represent the number of words they replace on the manuscript page). Over-length papers will either be rejected or penalized in the review process. All papers will be reviewed by the programme committee, and selected on their originality, timeliness, relevance and clarity.

Electronic submission is preferred. Please email a PostScript or PDF copy of your submission to Omer Rana (omer@cs.cf.ac.uk) before February 15, 1999. You may also send paper copies to Omer Rana, Department of Computer Science, Cardiff University, PO Box916, Cardiff CF2 3XF, UK or Kate Stout (Kate.Stout@sun.com), Sun Microsystems, 2 Elizabeth Drive, Chelmsford, MA 02124, USA.

Papers will be posted on the workshop website prior to the workshop, to allow attendees to read materials before the workshop.

Submission Deadline: February 15, 1999

Paper Presentation

All presentations must be between 20 to 25 minutes. This will be followed by a directed discussion of the presentation. The discussion will be lead by some members of the program committee.

Towards the end of the workshop, the general issues generated from the workshop will be examined.


Workshop Chairs

Professor David Walker
Department of Computer Science,
Cardiff University,
PO Box 916,
Cardiff CF2 3XF, UK
email: david@cs.cf.ac.uk
Kate Stout
Agent Research Team, Sun Labs
Sun Microsystems,
2 Elizabeth Drive,
Chelmsford, MA 02124, USA
phone: 978-442-0948
email: Kate.Stout@sun.com


Workshop Organisers

Professor David Kotz
Department of Computer Science,
Dartmouth College,
New Hampshire 03755, USA
email: dfk@cs.dartmouth.edu
Omer Rana
Parallel and Scientific Computing Group,
Department of Computer Science,
Cardiff University,
PO Box 916,
Cardiff CF2 3XF, UK
email: omer@cs.cf.ac.uk
phone: +44 1222 875 542



David Walker Cardiff University, UK
David Kotz Dartmouth College, USA
Omer Rana Cardiff University, UK
Kate Stout Sun Microsystems,
Massachusetts, USA
Philippe De Wilde Imperial College, London, UK
Mark Baker Portsmouth University, UK
Siamek Hasanzadeh Sun Microsystems,
Palo Alto, USA
Geofferey Fox Syracuse University, USA
Vladimir Getov University of Westminster, UK
Lyndon Lee BT Labs, UK
Anupam Joshi University of Maryland, USA
Jean-Louis Pazat EuroTools and IRISA, France
Serge Chaumette LaBRI,
University of Bordeaux, France
Elias Houstis Purdue University, USA
Micheal Fisher Manchester Metropolitan
University, UK
Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo Teleinformatics Group,
University of Geneva, Switzerland
Jeremy Baxter DERA, UK
Paolo Petta Austrian Research Institute
for Artificial Intelligence
Erann Gat JPL, Caltech, USA
Katia Sycara Carnegie Mellon, USA
Danny Lange General Magic, USA
Luciano Serafini Centro per la Ricerca
Scientifica e Tecnologica, Italy
Jan Treur Informatics,
Vrije University, Netherlands
Anna Ciampolini University of Bologna, Italy
Kurt Rothermel IPVR,
Universitaet Stuttgart, Germany
Naren Ramakrishnan Department of Computer Science,
Virginia Tech, USA
Hyacinth Nwana BT Labs, UK
Piyush Mehrotra ICASE,
NASA Langley, USA
Hillol Kargupta Washington State University, USA
Jeffrey Bradshaw Intelligent Agent technology,
Boeing, USA
Bent Thomsen ICL, UK
Denis Caromel INRIA, Sophia Antipolis,
Maria Gini University of Minnesota, USA
Giacomo Piccinelli Hewlett Packard Labs, Bristol, UK