Computational thinking
What is Computational thinking?
Computational thinking is where the thinking process is involved in formulating a problem and giving it a solution. It’s not just a programming idea, it’s reflected in our daily life. For example, when we do some housework, we save time by sweeping the floor while the water boils. Computation thinking is when a person comes up with effective algorithms to solve a problem or comes up with abstract models of data to process information efficiently. Thinking with a computational mindset means that a person can recall a general solution when faced with the problem at hand. For computers, computational thinking is recursive thinking. It is parallel processing. It is translating code into data and data into code. It employs abstraction and decomposition to meet a ponderous task or design a hugely complex system.
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Why Computational thinking is important of my futuer career and study?
Computational thinking can help me to solve the problems at work. It assists me to work more efficiently. In the future, I want to become a full-stack engineer. Inevitably, many scenarios at work require thinking. Computational thinking helps a lot in my daily work. It also works on my study. Computational thinking is a way of thinking that utilizes heuristic reasoning to seek answers. When we face a challenge, we should choose an appropriate way to state a problem or model relevant aspects of a problem to make sure it is manageable. It let me consider the worst-case scenarios and be ready to fix them. It helps me prevent possible errors in my code. Applying this kind of thinking can make my code concise and easier to read.
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