Web Development

Over the past several years, I have been involved in various aspects of web development. Initially, my focus was on the backend Web development, but more recently I have been involved in developing the front end, mostly using Semantic UI.

I have also been involved in some start-ups over the past several years. I developed and managed the technical platform (website, recurring payment paypal integration, backend cloud integration and build a custom cloud-monitoring tool) for SkyDesks.com. I previously developed the Energy Intelligence Worldwide Energy Consumption Optimizer (ECO) for reducing energy consumption in high-rise buildings and I implemented the backend website to serve multiple buildings from a cloud service. More recently, I developed the new Easy Work Order product and continue to work with them as an on-going basis. Previously, I also acted as the USA representative for Eco4Cloud who reduce energy use in data centers by consolidating virtual machines to the minimum number of servers in order to power down under utilized servers.

Through this experience, I have gained a vast amount of experience in backend and front end Web development, patent writing, marketing techniques and operations, business operations, customer relations and developing partnering arrangements for B2B hierarchies to realize the potential of many forms of revenue.


And through these various journey's, I have used the following technologies, to name a few.

Technology URL
Java Java
Javascript Javascript
JQuery JQuery
Python Python
Yii Yii
Django Django
Semantic UI (Used for this Website) Semantic UI
Bootstrap Bootstrap
Foundation Foundation
AngulaJS AngularJS
Firebase Firebase
Ionic Framework Ionic
PhoneGap PhoneGap
PayPal API Paypal
Wunderground Wunderground
GEO Location GEO Location