I have over 27 years of experience in research and distributed computing software development, specialising in peer to peer, the Web, decentralised algorithms, distributed workflow and data distribution, with application areas ranging from audio, astrophysics and engineering to bioinformatics and healthcare.

My main areas of research are focused around the following areas:

Top the right is a Directed Graph, similar to a multi-level peer-to-peer network or resembling how some tasks in a workflow would look like. You can tug the center to reposition the graph.


I speak regularly at international conferences and workshops, with over 100 presentations in the past 10 years.


I gave an invited talk to the Global hive summit in December 2013, in Las Vegas to leading heads of global data center infrastructures.

Tutorials And Chairing

I gave a tutorial at the CCGrid conference in Chicago in May 2014. I have given a number of talks and chaired sessions in supercomputing workshops (WORKS 2007-2013) and given multiple project presentations to the EU, the UK Space Agency and Wellcome Trust (SHIWA, EDGES, SINTERO, GRIDLAB, GRIDONED).


I have talked in a number of conferences (IHIC, HPDC, DIDC, ICAC, BADS, CBMS, ICMC), chaired Open Grid Forum research groups (WFM, SAGA, APPAGG) and given keynotes at eScience conference, MEMICs workshop and CoreGrid ERCIM.