• Text mining: information extraction, term recognition, named entity recognition, sentiment analysis, text classification, information retrieval, language resources
  • Knowledge representation: development, application & standardisation of ontologies
  • Machine learning: feature engineering, case-based reasoning, naive Bayesian learning, support vector machines, genetic algorithms, genetic programming
  • Information management: data modelling, data mining, relational and XML databases, user interface development
  • Application areas: healthcare, life sciences, social sciences & social media


  • CMT220: Databases and modelling (postgraduate)
  • You can watch the module overview here.
  • NOTE: All course resources are available through Learning Central.


  • Yuxiang Liao (PhD, funded by China Scholarship Council, 2021-present): text mining, image processing
  • Yanzhang Tong (PhD, funded by China Scholarship Council, 2020-present): opinion mining, user experience
  • Dr Maxim Filimonov (research software engineer, 2020-present)


  • Farshid Balaneji (PhD, University of Basel, 2021-2024): natural language processing, machine learning, financial forecasting
  • Dr Daphné Chopard (PhD, 2018-2022): text mining, deep learning, data augmentation
  • Dr Anastazia Žunić (PhD, funded by the VC's International Scholarship, 2018-2022): sentiment analysis, deep learning
  • Dr Jeffrey Morgan (research software engineer, 2018-2022)
  • Dr Vignesh Muralidaran (PhD, funded by CorCenCC, 2017-2021): natural language processing, corpus linguistics
  • Dr David Rogers (RA, part-time PhD, 2012-2020): text mining, sentiment analysis, social media
  • Dr Unai Lopez-Novoa (research software engineer, 2018-2019)
  • Ian Harvey (research software engineer, 2018-2019)
  • David Owen (RA, 2016-2019): text mining, ontologies, health informatics
  • Dr Steven Neale (PDRA, 2016-2019): natural language processing, corpus linguistics, crowdsourcing
  • Dr Daphné Chopard (MSc, funded by the Swiss-European Mobility programme, 2018): text mining, deep learning
  • Dr Lowri Williams (PhD, funded by EPSRC Doctoral Training Partnership, 2013-2017): text mining, sentiment analysis, language resources
  • Dr Bathilde Ambroise (PhD, 2012-2016): text mining, genomics, bioinformatics
  • Dr Bo Zhao (PhD, 2011-2015): text mining, ontologies, health informatics
  • Dr Christian Bannister (PhD, funded by MRC Doctoral Training Grant, 2011-2015): machine learning, health informatics, epidemiology
  • Dr Mark Greenwood (PhD, funded by CU President's Research Scholarship, 2010-2014): text mining, health informatics, social media