Rui Fan

Taught Postgraduate Student

School of Computer Science & Informatics
Cardiff University
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Cardiff CF24 3AA

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Title Sentiment Analysis on Russo-Ukrainian War
Supervisor Dr Daniela Tsaneva (
Description The Russo-Ukrainian War is an ongoing war between Russia (together with pro-Russian separatist forces) and Ukraine. On 24 February, Putin announced that he had made the decision to launch a "special military operation" in eastern Ukraine (Russo-Ukrainian War, 2022). There is also another war on social media against Russia and stand for Ukraine. Most of the publics in western countries hold negative feeling to Russia’s military operation and criticise the war as invasion. However, some Asian countries (for example, India) do not criticise Russia’s military operation (Dhritiman Ganguly, 2022). People in these countries behave more neutral. This research will target the ongoing war topic on social media and aim to investigate people‘s opinions regarding the same topic in different countries.
Data Source Twitter