Personal Info:

My main interest is music: I like anything from Bach to thrash metal. I am especially into modern jazz (Miles Davis, John Mclaughlin, Keith Jarrett, George Russell, Gil Evans, John Zorn, Naked City) and Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan, King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Rush, Camel, ELP and Kings X.

I play bass, keyboards and guitar and am a keen computer musician. I also compose a lot of music at home - this is more jazzy, big band or ambient trance or Joni Mitchell Type Acoustic/Folk Jazz or Thrash/Jazz type stuff.

Check out My Personal Music Pages for example recordings of this type of stuff and for links to a variety of music related Web Sites.

I enjoy sport as well. Squash, cricket and golf are my main playing sports. I am a severe rugby union addict.

I also make movies. This is my version of Jaws!!.

Also see the Quicktime Version which includes sound: JawsII

A very funny clip from Lake Louise (ED MEDIA 97 Conference Trip): Steve Hill Skiing!!